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Pit Bulls and other Bully Breeds often face a hard road to adoption and rescue from shelters. Many communities have breed bans and breed specific legislation (BSL) against Bully Breeds. On average, 33% of shelter dog intakes are Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes (this figure is much higher in large cities). The majority of Pit Bulls who arrive in shelters are euthanized rather than allowing them to have at least an opportunity to be adopted or rescued. Why? Because there are too few adopters and rescuers for these dogs.

How did a breed go from a family dog in 1900 (commonly referred to as the “Nanny Dog” because they were so good with children) to a dog that so many wrongly fear today? Bully Breeds truly suffer from a bad rap. Many times, these dogs are trained and then used for dog fighting. Many Pit Bulls end up as “bait dogs” in the fighting. Many feel that their jaws can lock on when they bite.

As with all dogs, with proper training and socialization, the Bully Breeds make wonderful family companion pets.

RADAR has recognized that Bully Breed dogs are one of the most at-risk dog types in shelters. Approximately 15% of the dogs we have assisted are Bully Breed dogs. The Bully Breed Dog Fund is designed to better enable RADAR to assist Bully Breed dogs by providing $50 towards each Bully Breed dog helped, as long as funds are available.

Take a look at all of the dogs who have received assistance through this fund so far this year.

Your contributions to the Bully Breed Dog Fund will help us save more at-risk Bully Breed dogs by providing them with a second chance at life.

To see donors and assisted dogs from previous years, please click below:

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Donor List for the Bully Breed Dog Fund

Thank you to the following contributors:

The Morgan Family; Rebecca Brafman; Peggy Marshall; Rosie, who RADAR assisted in 2016; Amy Bell; Lori Lane; Peggy Marshall, in memory of her dog, Hercules; Jean Schnurr; RADAR 2020 Calendar proceeds; Brian Mertz; Amy Coburn; Jo Irvine; Kelley Doherty

Dogs Assisted Through the Bully Breed Dog Fund


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