Home for the Holidays

RADAR Gives Hope to at-risk dogs, and in the spirit of the season, your gifts to RADAR will help us give more dogs hope in 2018. The dogs are counting on your help to decorate RADAR’s “Home for the Holidays” living room. You can join the fun by making a tax-deductible donation, from now through the end of the year!

How does it work? Just take a look at the available decorations below, and then click Donate Now to be taken to our donation form! You’ll be able to check-off the specific decorations that you’d like to add, and when you’ve made all of your selections, you can proceed to PayPal. The decorations that you selected will be placed into the picture (updates will happen once a day, usually in the evening). Each decoration represents a donation only.

There’s something for everyone, from gift boxes and bags to nutcrackers to mantel candles! We also have tree ornaments, lights, a RADAR wreath, and even special add-a-name stockings for your favorite pet, and much MORE! Click here to see all of the choices! Through your virtual decoration donations you will help us make saving more at-risk dogs a reality.

Our goal this year is $15,000. As an added incentive, and with special thanks to six dedicated RADAR supporters, your donations will be matched! For each $500 raised, we get a $250 matching holiday gift. If we can reach our $15,000 goal, we will receive $7,500 in matching holiday gifts, for a grand total of $22,500! Watch the progress on the donation tally board. The matching holiday gifts will be applied to our heavily used Helping Hands for Hearts Fund.

All donations made directly to RADAR, whether it’s a donation for a Featured Dog, Chloe’s SOS Fund, Helping Hands for Hearts Fund, Black Dog Fund, Hound Dog Fund, Bully Breed Dog Fund or a general donation, will count towards the “Home for the Holidays” total. If you would like your decoration donation applied to a specific Featured Dog or Fund, please indicate which dog or Fund in the “note to seller” during the checkout process.

And PLEASE be sure to send a Holiday message via the Donation form! We’ll then add your message to the bottom of this page! Just click the Donate link below, and start saving more at-risk shelter dogs in 2018:

Click here to DONATE!

Send us some holiday photos! We’ve created a Holiday video for YOU, our supporters! The only thing missing are your photos! The more you send us, the better the video will be!

To all of our supporters, donors, partners, volunteers, friends and dogs, Happy Holidays from RADAR!

Questions? Please contact RADAR!

* If you would prefer to send a check, please include which items you would like added to the virtual living room and please include your email address. Make checks payable to “Raising Aid for Dogs At Risk” and send to RADAR, 228 Bethel Dr., Lancaster, PA 17601.

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Click here or anywhere on the graphic below to DONATE!

Click here or anywhere on the graphic above to DONATE!

 Donor List

Thank you to the following contributors:

Leslie & Jay Rothberg; Nancy Warner; Bonnie Powers; Leeann Lindrose; Elaine & Tom Darling; Judith Apy; William Sacrey; Sara Daza; Jane Taylor; Rebecca Brafman; Margaret Garrett; Priscilla Rothe; Heather McKay Shields; Erica Vernon; Nicolai Freeman-Paskvan; Dawn & Paul Zimmermann; Jann O’Leary; Judith & Mark Chien; Sandy Van Nostrand; Denise Chmielewski; Jo Irvine; Elizabeth Lavoie; Angela Sheffield; The Reynolds Family; Cheryl Wise; Lisa Altemose; Gail Lowe; Roseann Collingwood; Sharon Shaw; James Lundsted; Paul Nadler; Laura Newhard; Kathryn Dotson; Lorraine & Patrick Smith; Kristine Lee; Heather Spurley; Karen Anderson; Lea Davis; Laura Jones; Gretchen Kozen; Leilani Campbell; Susan Linkous; Jennifer Siegert; Cynthia Nichols; Jared & Melissa Julius; Karen Brembt; Barbara Keller; Lulu Press; Lee & Tracey Meyers; Gretchen Kozen; Melissa Farr & Jim Groff; Bruce & Chris Leone; Joe Patterson; Rescue Chocolate; Tina Muncy; Roxanne Stevens; Rod Goins; Kim; Wendi LeConey; Campbell Clan; Eric & Patti Stutts; Susan Stevens; Robert Cameron; Joan Lewis; Michelle Gamblin; Tamara Talbot; Linda Siegert / Collars of Hope Creations; Mary Haak; Peggy Marshall; Therese Anderson-Alexander; Santa Claus; Marsha Garrett; Tricia Hailey; Lisa McGinn; Melissa Feeney; Paul Rothe; Judith Chien & Mandy the Cat; Benny Rothe (aka Benny Boop); Mandy Taccino; Amanda Bullock; Gerald Huber; Dorian Edwin / Creations for Castaway Canines; Beth Riley; Corena Huffman; Karen Dymond; Kathy O’Connor; Anonymous; Nicole Passeri; Gail O’Connor; Mary Lou Seymour; Tia Marie

Special thanks to the following RADAR supporters who provided funding for the matching gifts:

Mariam Wright; Jennifer Siegert; Amy & Jim Riley; Melissa Feeney; Rebecca Kuga; The Kennedy/Shannon Charitable Fund; Ken Siegert & Rick Thompson

 Holiday Messages, Honorariums or Memorials


 Leslie & Jay Rothberg In memory of our dog, Riley, and in honor of RADAR-assisted Roy, who we fostered.
 Judith Apy In memory of my true heart dog, Benjiamina.
 William Sacrey Thx for all you do!
 Nicolai Freeman-Paskvan Thanks for your great work! Best wishes for the holidays! 
 Dawn & Paul Zimmermann In memory of our RADAR-assisted dog, Cocoa. Thank you for continuing to do this tremendously important mission! We are RADAR supporters for life! Happy Holidays!!
 Elizabeth Lavoie In honor of my father, Eugene Lavoie’s birthday. 
 Roseann Collingwood Thank you for helping so many Duplin County NC dogs! 
 Sharon Shaw In memory of Marty, my beloved rescue hound who I just lost.
 Roxanne Stevens Love you guys! Have a wonderful Holiday!
 Campbell Clan For all those RADAR helped save from Darlington, SC… thank you!
 Benny Rothe Thank you RADAR, for saving my life. I am very happy now, and I think Santa is bringing me tennis balls and treats.
 Benny, Dori, and Priscilla (canine version) Rothe Happy 1st Adoptaversary , December 3rd, to Benny Rothe !!! From his grateful family.
 Eric & Patti Stutts Thank you RADAR. We recently adopted Nate. He is very loved and seems pleased with his permanent home. He has already settled in and is loving and energetic.
 Peggy Marshall Remembering Brandi, and sending love to rescues: Bella, Hercules and Cody. 
 Sandy Van Nostrand Thank you from all the Darlington Darlings you have helped to save.
 Cheryl Wise For my baby boy Colby who just passed away.
 Lisa McGinn From Elvis & Clemmy. 
 Gail Lowe In memory of Vanna.
 Melissa Feeney In honor of Susan Blakeney and Bridget Johnson 
 Judith Chien & Mandy the Cat Merry Christmas to all the RADAR doggies from Mandy the Cat, who likes them as long as they keep their distance!
 Gerald Huber In honor of my grandchildren: Dylan, Madeline and Broden Quinn; Avery and Morgan Huber; Chloe, Mia and Jack Kline.
 Corena Huffman In honor of Ken & Rick and the amazing work they do for rural dogs at risk.
 Anonymous In memory of Gail O’Connor’s Golden Retriever rescue, Shannon.
 Mary Lou Seymour Merry Christmas RADAR from Shelter Animals Advocates and ALL the heartworm positive dogs you have helped this past year. We LOVE RADAR! 
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