Before Amelia had a name, she was just another dog with a number (#2808) at the Gaston County Animal Shelter in North Carolina.

And not just any number… her number included a 6/12/12 euthanasia date.

This approximately four-year-old Golden Retriever mix came to the shelter as a stray on June 6th. While any dog that’s part Golden Retriever usually has a better chance of getting out of a shelter alive, this girl had some unknown skin problem. That certainly made her a high-risk dog – and the clock was ticking.

With just hours to go before it would be too late, the dedicated folks at RescuedMe were fortunate enough to find a foster so that they could take #2808. The first thing they did was give her a name: Amelia. The next thing they did was find a volunteer for the 90-minute roundtrip to get Amelia, and take her directly to the vet.

A thorough vet exam found Amelia to be in good health (HW negative and no intestinal parasites). The skin problem turned out to be flea allergy dermatitis. She also has a double ear infection. She is being treated for both the dermatitis and the infection, and should be just fine soon. For additional photos of Amelia, click here.

As the RescuedMe folks told RADAR, there are two things they need to save a dog like Amelia: a foster and money. They were able to find both a foster and the money!

RADAR committed to pay the full $238 cost of Amelia’s vet care.

UPDATE! RADAR has now PAID the $238 for Amelia’s vet visit and treatment. Thank you for your support! (ChipIn has been reduced to $213 because of a gift received via check)

UPDATE! From RescuedMe, 6/20/2012: She is doing very well in her foster home. Her hair is growing back and her skin seems to feel and look much better. She actually got an application on Sunday and we are setting up for them to meet her this Saturday at noon. Hope all goes well for our golden girl!

UPDATE! Amelia has been adopted! Just barely 2 weeks since being pulled from death-row, she has a forever home!

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Amelia:

Margaret Walker; Elizabeth Lavoie; Freya Hill

Added on June 12, 2012.

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