Cats aren’t the only ones with nine lives. As you will soon learn, Ann also has a tale of nine lives. A two-year-old Treeing Walker Coonhound mix, Ann arrived at the Beaufort County Animal Control shelter in North Carolina on August 19th. She arrived with her Coonhound companion Dan. Both dogs had some immediate concerns: Dan was emaciated and had injuries to his head and eye, and Ann was most likely pregnant. Both were sweet and friendly dogs, and both were greatly at risk at the shelter.

As an incentive for a rescue to take Ann and Dan, on August 21st, RADAR provided offers to assist with their vet care costs. But time was running out, and both dogs were scheduled to be euthanized on September 5th. When Dan had an adopter lined up at the last minute, Triangle Pets Alive in North Carolina decided to take Ann so that she would not be left behind. However, Dan’s adopter never came for him. With Ann now safe, suddenly Dan faced being euthanized. Triangle Pets Alive refused to let Dan die, so they took him as well as Ann!

On September 6th, Ann and Dan received their initial vetting. Unfortunately, both dogs tested heartworm positive. And, Ann was indeed pregnant. And here’s where the nine lives comes into play: Ann gave birth to nine puppies on September 21st! All puppies survived, and three were even featured in an online Travelocity ad! No more pups for Ann; she was spayed on November 26th. Ann is now known as Annie, and Dan goes by the name Griffin. To see more photos of Ann, click here.

RADAR paid for all of Ann’s initial vetting and spaying costs totaling $247.

UPDATE! All funds for Ann have been raised! Thank you!

UPDATE! Ann has been adopted!

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Ann:

Linda Hoffecker; Daryl Kapus; Diane Mason; Consilium Group, Ltd; Stephen Dimig; Eric Wilson, in honor of Stephanie Lehr

Added on December 3, 2013.

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