Arrow got her name because it was initially thought that she had been used for target practice. Covered in blotches of blood and open wounds, Arrow was picked up by animal control and taken to the Darlington County Humane Society shelter in South Carolina on March 11th. Estimated to be one to two-years-old and a Golden Retriever mix, Arrow was taken to the vet and treated for her many wounds. The vet determined that her severe puncture wounds were the result of a dog attack. Unfortunately, Arrow had more than just puncture wounds to contend with – she was also heartworm positive.

On March 23rd, a rescue offered to take Arrow provided that she first received her heartworm treatment. Susan Blakeney, RADAR’s liaison with the Darlington County Humane Society Rescue, contacted us the same day to see if we would cover Arrow’s heartworm treatment costs. We agreed, but because Arrow is a larger dog and her treatment would be more costly, we made a plea to RADAR’s supporters for funding. In short order, we received more than half of what we needed.

Arrow’s heartworm treatment took place on April 23rd. Susan shared this with us about Arrow: “She’s super polite and softly affectionate. She has a very gentle disposition. Arrow is ready for kids to drape themselves over her body. She’s a larger-framed love bug ready to be someone’s new favorite oversized teddy bear!” Click here to see more photos of Arrow.

RADAR paid all of Arrow’s heartworm treatment costs totaling $399.

UPDATE! All funds for Arrow have been raised! Thank you!

UPDATE! As happens in rescue, things change. The rescue that originally agreed to take Arrow is no longer able to pull her. She needs another rescue!

UPDATE! Arrow has been adopted!

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Arrow:

Helping Hands for Hearts Fund; Bettina Steenson; Lorraine & Patrick Smith; Peggy Marshall

Added on April 27, 2014.

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