The name Asher means “fortunate and happy one.” Fortunately and happily, that’s just how things turned out for this Asher. Less than a year old and a Terrier mix, Asher was surrendered by his owners to the Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter in eastern Kentucky on September 25th. The reason for Asher’s surrender is unknown, but he had some skin issues that needed veterinary care.

Deb Price with All Dogs Come from Heaven Dog Rescue in Ohio, contacted RADAR on October 16th. The rescue was interested in taking Asher and immediately getting him to the vet if RADAR could assist with the vet costs. We agreed at once to help. Asher was pulled from the shelter and transported to the rescue the next day.

On October 18th, Asher had his initial vetting and a skin scrapping done. He was diagnosed and treated for demodectic mange along with a secondary infection. Because Asher’s mange was so bad, it took several months to fully treat. With his recovery complete, he was neutered on January 31st. Deb shared this with us about Asher: “He is just a beautiful dog, and becoming more confident each day. We are grateful for RADAR’s assistance with his skin treatment. He is such a great dog!” Click here to view more photos of Asher.

RADAR paid all of Asher’s initial vetting, skin treatment and neutering costs totaling $206.

UPDATE! Asher has been adopted!

UPDATE! All funds for Asher have been raised! Thank you!

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Asher:

Jackie Stanley; Linda Siegert; Ken Siegert & Rick Thompson; Mary Brown Haak; Jodi McMurray; Kathleen Burns; Elizabeth Lavoie

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