April 15th is well known as the last day to file your income tax. But this year it was also going to be the last full day for Ayla. This 18-month-old Plott Hound mix arrived at the Cherokee County Animal Shelter in South Carolina on April 9th. Ayla was one of 10 dogs found abandoned at a house by animal control. She was also very pregnant.

The Cherokee County shelter only gives the dogs five business days before they are euthanized, and no adoptions are permitted. The dogs have only one way to get out alive: through the Humane Society of Cherokee County (HSCC). Rescue is only an option if HSCC can secure a rescue commitment.

Around 9 pm on April 15th, and with Ayla scheduled to die at 8 in the morning, we received an urgent request from Ruff Life Animal Rescue in North Carolina to see if we could assist with Ayla if they committed to take her and she tested heartworm positive. We agreed and Ayla was safe! During her vetting on April 16th, she tested heartworm positive. Fortunately the HSCC, through the efforts of its director, Judy Wyles, is able to provide heartworm treatment for only $150.

On April 21st, Ayla had to have an emergency cesarean section. Only four of her 11 pups survived (a 5th puppy died six days after birth). Once her pups were weaned, she would get her heartworm treatment. There was an emergency, and Ayla was able to provide much needed nourishment to 4 orphaned puppies.

She received her heartworm treatment on June 30th and July 1st. Here are some things we were told about Ayla while she was still at the shelter: “This girl was very tentative at first, but once she realized she was going to get attention she warmed right up and kept pawing for more affection! She would just put her head on your lap and look at you with eyes that say, ‘Pet me! Love me!’ She is a gorgeous dog who gets along well with other dogs.” Click here to view more photos of Ayla.

RADAR paid $150 towards the heartworm treatment costs for Ayla.

UPDATE! All funds for Ayla have been raised! Thank you!

UPDATE! Ayla has been adopted!

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Ayla:

Helping Hands for Hearts Fund; Kathy O’Connor; Melissa Cassidy; Diana Berkstresser

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