It’s an all too familiar story: The family has to move and the family dog ends up at the shelter. Suddenly, all of the dog’s familiar comforts of home are replaced by cold concrete and cages. It’s all the more heartbreaking when this happens to older dogs.

And that is exactly what happened to poor Banjo, a purebred Cocker Spaniel, who is about 7-8 years old. But Banjo had the good fortune to end up at the Tucker County Animal Shelter in West Virginia, where every dog gets the chance of a lifetime – literally.

The shelter staff quickly realized that Banjo is a total sweetheart! He gets along great with people and other dogs, is house-trained, and has good manners. Click here for additional photos of Banjo.

A rescue was interested in taking Banjo, but because of the unknown expense of much-needed dental care, they were unable to do so. And the shelter couldn’t afford to pay this type of non-routine, but essential care.

RADAR committed to paying the entire cost of $115 for both Banjo’s dental treatment and his neutering, which was done on April 25th.

UPDATE! RADAR has now PAID for Banjo’s dental work and neutering!

UPDATE! Banjo has been pulled by Friends of Homeless Animals!

UPDATE! Banjo has been adopted!

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Added on April 26, 2012.

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