The name Bella means beautiful. But Bella’s backstory is anything but beautiful. A young Hound mix, Bella was one of 20 dogs left behind when her elderly owner died in his home in rural Grundy County, Tennessee. The man’s body was discovered on April 4th, along with all the dogs. One of the dogs, a Great Pyrenees mix, was guarding his owner’s body when authorities arrived. The dog was so traumatized, that he still eludes volunteers trying to capture him. The home and grounds were in deplorable condition, and all the dogs were in dire need of food, water and care.

Linda Coursey with Viola Valley Dogs in Tennessee responded to the emergency plea for help. She, along with several volunteers, went to assess the situation at the remote wooded location. Thirteen dogs, including some puppies, were immediately rescued. Animal Alliance-South Cumberland in Tennessee agreed to take all of them! The remaining seven dogs were reluctant to be rescued, so volunteers returned the next day with food and traps. For nearly two months these volunteers made daily visits to feed and try to capture the remaining dogs, often braving copperheads, rattlesnakes and large gopher rats! During this time, they rescued three additional dogs. And finally, on June 1st, three more dogs were rescued (Bear, Bella and Penny), leaving only the elusive Great Pyrenees at large.

Sad Eyes Urgent Rescues in Tennessee helped spread the word about the plight of these remaining dogs. RADAR made an offer on May 28th to assist with up to two of the dogs. When Viola Valley Dogs agreed to take all three of the dogs rescued on June 1st, we decided to assist with all three: Bear, Bella and Penny.

Bella had her vetting done on June 14th. She was covered with ticks when she was captured, and was treated for ehrlichiosis. Good news: she is heartworm negative. Linda reports that Bella is a real sweetheart! To see more photos of Bella, click here.

RADAR paid the $84 bill for Bella’s initial vetting and treatment.

UPDATE! All funds for Bella have been raised! Thank you!

UPDATE! Bella has been adopted!

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Bella:

Leilani Smith; Holly Rogers

Added on June 22, 2013.

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