Betsy is a Border Collie mix about 9-10 years old (formerly known as Smokey). She’s gentle, but very scared and timid. With her friend, Gomez, they spent their lives chained outside. When their owner moved to an apartment, the dogs had to go. And so they went to the Tucker County Animal Shelter in West Virginia.

Although healthy, because of their older ages and lack of socialization, at many shelters these two dogs would have been euthanized upon intake. But not at the Tucker County Animal Shelter!

Much to their credit, the staff at the Tucker County Animal Shelter has a great track record of helping dogs like Betsy and Gomez. By giving these dogs plenty of human interaction, safe shelter (including a bed and warmth), lots of TLC and some extra time, Betsy and Gomez can become loyal and loving family members. For additional photos of Betsy, click here.

RADAR has committed to sponsor Betsy for $100 (and potentially additional funds, if needed). This will help cover the shelter’s extra costs of caring for her, including spaying Betsy. Most of all, it will help provide her with the kindest gift of all: extra time at the shelter to become adoptable.

UPDATE! Betsy is learning to have fun and trust other dogs and people! She is doing very well!

UPDATE! With YOUR generosity, RADAR has now PAID the vet’s $44 initial exam bill for Betsy!! Thank you so very much!

UPDATE! Our sponsorship of Betsy and Gomez has been fully funded! Thank you!

UPDATE! Betsy was treated to a “spa day” by her friends, Amy & Jim Riley. She had her teeth worked on (a girl needs a pretty smile) and she was groomed. Thanks again to the Riley Family for your generous donation for Betsy!

UPDATE! Betsy was taken to the vet on 8/16 and spent several days there as she had a severe deep staph pyoderma infection. The cost of the vet bill was $159, which RADAR has paid.

UPDATE! We have fully funded Betsy’s fundraiser. Thank you!

UPDATE! Betsy has been ADOPTED!!!

If you would like to help us have the ability to help other dogs, please click here to visit our “Donations” page.

Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Betsy and Gomez:

Rick Thompson & Ken Siegert, in memory of Cathy Parson’s brother, Warren Nestor; Andrea Pyles, “paying it forward on behalf of Hank and Hazel”; Amy & Jim Riley; Barbara Small; Pam Yearout; Gina Giradi; Leslie Parnell

Added on March 8, 2012.

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