Brendle’s story is one of heartbreak, hope, happiness and more heartbreak. At the age of 10, Brendle, a Border Collie mix, was surrendered by his owner to the Mercer County Animal Shelter in West Virginia on April 21st. A senior dog surrendered to a kill shelter is at high risk of not making it out alive. Dear old Brendle, who was frail and very underweight, deserved better than this.

On April 23rd, RADAR provided an offer to assist with the vet costs for Brendle as an incentive for a rescue to take him. On April 30th, Paws for Seniors rescue in Virginia agreed to take Brendle! The rescue’s co-founder, Brenda, told us that, “Very sweet Brendle has some impaired vision from cataracts and has hip problems.” When he had his initial vetting done on May 2nd, x-rays were taken, but indicated no hip problems.

Brendle was transported to his foster parents, Jennifer and Doug Gibson, on May 3rd. Jennifer had this to share with us about Brendle: “He is a very special dog. I can’t explain it, but he so different than any dog I’ve met. He’s such a quiet old soul. I can’t put into words how wonderful he is. When I discovered that he was surrendered to the shelter on my birthday, it seemed like it was meant to be.”

On May 5th, after his foster parents discovered a tumor under his tongue, Brendle went back to the vet. The diagnosis was not good: most likely cancer. It also helps to explain why he is underweight and frail. Since surgery is not a viable option, Brendle will be provided with palliative care to keep him as comfortable as possible. He is on a diet of soft foods, and getting lots of TLC from Jennifer and Doug, who have graciously agreed to provide Brendle with hospice care. Click here to view more photos of Brendle.

RADAR paid all $193 of the initial vetting and x-ray costs for Brendle.

UPDATE! All funds for Brendle have been raised! Thank you!

UPDATE! From Paws for Seniors, “Soon after Brendle came to join the Paws For Seniors family it was discovered that he had a growth on his tongue, arthritic hips and horrible breath from his teeth. We feared the worst and are happy to say that after extensive testing and treatments including removal of the soft tissue sarcoma on his tongue,a dental, x-rays to rule out hip dysplasia, Brendle has gone from a hospice case to a dog that is looking for a home where he can live out is life with dignity and love!

His foster parents just love this boy and his very loving personality. He even gives kisses now! Loves to go for walks, hang out with you while you are working, gets along with other dogs, cats and does great with school age kids. He is looking for a home with few stairs to negotiate and someone to hang out with all day.”

UPDATE Brendle crossed the Rainbow Bridge on December 22nd, 2014. He could no longer settle down and was in obvious pain. The vet did a thorough examination. Even with the lightest touch, Brendle would wince in pain. All options were discussed, but with his condition only getting worse, it was decided that it was best to let Brendle cross the Rainbow Bridge with dignity and love. Rest in peace, Brendle.

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Brendle:

Chloe’s SOS Fund (Saving Our Seniors); Kathy Hicks; Dana Tarzia; Tina Muncy; Jennifer Siegert

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