Dear RADAR, my name is Sandra and I volunteer at Best Friends Sanctuary shelter in Fentress County, Tennessee. I am also Bridget’s foster mom. I want to thank you for the generous grant to assist with her CT scan on August 30th to determine if surgery was an option to save her leg.  It was, and it took place on September 18th.

Bridget, a five-month-old Hound mix, was dropped off at the shelter on May 15th by a gentleman who said he found her injured, but we think it was probably his dog and he didn’t want to spend any money on her. She was limping badly. The vet initially determined that she had an undiagnosed leg fracture that was healing.

My daughter and I volunteer at the shelter, so we watched Bridget from the time she came to us. We would stop and talk to her in her crate and she would look at us with those big sad eyes and wag her tail. She didn’t bark or get up when we passed her crate like the other dogs, and little did we know it was because she was in pain. We thought we were doing the right thing by confining her because that’s what the vet advised. I noticed she wasn’t getting any better and couldn’t even use her leg, so I took her to my vet and found out about how badly the leg had been broken and how horribly wrong it had healed. He told us there was a slight chance of saving her leg if we could do physical and hydro therapy with her. Her muscles were wasted and contracted but we took on the job and brought her home with us to foster in July.

Bridget is a brave little girl, never whimpering or crying and I know she had to hurt, especially at the beginning of therapy and even with pain medicine. She is a sweet-natured dog and loves to be around our family. She loves to cuddle and will curl up beside you under the covers for a nap or when you go to sleep at night. She loves to play with our other dogs even though she is much smaller and more fragile than them. Even if she is alone and doesn’t have anyone to play with she will get a toy out of the toy box and run with it and toss it around. She is just a sweetheart and I can’t imagine anyone not falling in love with her! Click here to view more photos of Bridget. In addition to the video below, you can also see Bridget on video here and here!

RADAR paid $200 towards Bridget’s CT scan costs.

UPDATE: On September 18th, Bridget had her surgery to repair her injured leg. A bone plate was implanted to lengthen the leg and the knee was put back in place by creating an artificial indentation for the knee cap.

UPDATE! Bridget has been adopted! She went directly from the vet following her surgery to her new family. They were excited to be bring her home to start her new life. She will be going to her mom’s office with her during the day.

UPDATE: On October 3rd, we were informed that Bridget had to have her leg amputated. “She was just in too much pain with all the plates and screws to participate in therapy which was necessary for her leg to heal properly,” Sandra told us. “It is very sad she had to suffer so much, but now all that is over. She is adapting well to being a three-legged dog and is already running and playing with her new siblings. She doesn’t appear to have any lingering pain and the incision is healing well.”

UPDATE! All funds for Bridget have been raised! Thank you!

If you would like to help us have the ability to help other dogs, please visit our Donations page.

Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Bridget:

Hound Dog Fund ($50); Elaine Stevens; Tina Muncy; Tamara Talbot

Added on September 28, 2017.

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