Presenting the beautifully brindled Brita! She is just over a year old, and is either a Treeing Tennessee Brindle hound mix or a Brindle Catahoula mix or perhaps a Brindle Plott hound mix. One way or the other, Brita is a Brindle!

Brita was surrendered to the Rowan County Animal Shelter in Kentucky on September 7th after her owner’s neighbor accused Brita (and another dog who was also surrendered) of killing the neighbor’s chickens. While there was never any proof that Brita committed the crime, she sure served the time. She was at the shelter for over four months, and her time was running out.

The good folks at STAR (Saving The Animals of Rowan) never gave up on Brita. She was a very nice, friendly dog, and got along well with other dogs. At last, Tara’s House Animal Rescue in Maryland agreed to take Brita! For more photos of Brita, click here.

RADAR agreed to cover the costs for the initial vetting and spaying of Brita, which was done the week of January 14th as part of STAR’s partnership with the Morehead State University Veterinary Technician Program. She tested negative for heartworm. On January 19th, Brita was transported to Tara’s House Animal Rescue, where she now goes by the name of Kaitlynn.

RADAR paid all of Btita’s bill of $76 for her initial vetting and spaying.

UPDATE! All funds for Brita have been raised! Thank you!

UPDATE! Brita has been adopted!

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Brita:

Pamela Sayler; Britney Aldridge / Critter Captions

Added on January 23, 2013.

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