Bruno, a five-year old German Shepherd-Chow mix, was one of 10 dogs surrendered to the Chester County Animal Care & Control shelter in South Carolina on January 8th. The dogs had been kept in kennels, in mud and water two-feet deep. They were caked with mud and had matted hair. Of the 10 dogs, nine of them – including Bruno – tested heartworm positive.

Bruno’s former owner helped to pay for the heartworm treatment for 8 of the dogs. Bruno’s treatment was completed on February 1st. Already neutered, and now with a clean bill of health, Bruno’s only remaining obstacle was the color of his fur: black. Like so many other black dogs in shelters, Bruno was overlooked by nearly everyone. With time running out for Bruno, Mary Anne Tolbert from the shelter contacted RADAR for help. RADAR made an offer to assist as an incentive for a rescue to take him.

Fortunately, Bruno’s plight and RADAR’s offer caught the attention of Liz Jones. In late February her rescue, The Sanctuary at Haafsville in Pennsylvania, agreed to take Bruno! He had his initial vetting done on March 1st. A few days later he was transported to Pennsylvania. He is now being fostered by a family with two other black rescue dogs, and they are located in RADAR’s hometown of Lancaster, PA! And even more amazing, this is the same family who fostered and then adopted RADAR-assisted Nila! To see more photos of Bruno, click here.

RADAR paid Bruno’s initial vetting ($34) and his transport fee ($80), for a total of $114.

UPDATE! All funds for Bruno have been raised! Thank you!

UPDATE! Bruno has been transferred to another rescue – 2nd Chance 4 Life Rescue!

UPDATE! Bruno has been adopted… by his foster parents! He now has fur-siblings, Jett and Nila (she’s a RADAR-assisted dog as well).

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