Bucky and Gypsy

Bucky and Gypsy are so closely bonded that we didn’t even want to list them separately! It was on June 10th that both of these approximately one-year-old Shepherd mixes arrived at the Mercer County Animal Shelter in West Virginia. The person who had taken in these dogs, along with a few others who had been abandoned with them, tried for months to find a home or rescue for them. When the person had to move and was no longer able to keep them, Bucky and Gypsy were surrendered to the shelter. With the shelter’s policy that after 10 days a dog is subject to being euthanized at any time, Bucky and Gypsy did not have time on their side. They were also terrified in the shelter environment.

On June 11th, Sherry Hutchison, RADAR’s liaison with the Mercer County Animal Shelter, contacted us to see if we could help Bucky and Gypsy. We provided an offer to assist with their vetting costs if a rescue took both dogs. On June 26th, the Southern WV Animal League in West Virginia agreed to take both Bucky and Gypsy! They had their initial vetting done on July 7th.

Southern WV Animal League had this to tell us about Bucky and Gypsy: “These two are always together and are miserable apart. They are very scared but are very, very sweet. They have not been well socialized. They are very frightened around people, but good with other dogs. They are not at all aggressive, but just fearful, trembling from head to toe. It is so sad. Bucky is less afraid than Gypsy, and if you sit quietly, he will come up and just barely graze your fingertips and then retreat.” To see more photos of Bucky and Gypsy, click here.

RADAR paid the initial vetting costs for Bucky and Gypsy, which totaled $50.

UPDATE! All funds for Bucky & Gypsy have been raised! Thank you!

UPDATE Bucky crossed the Rainbow Bridge in November 2016. He had an auto-immune disease that could no longer be controlled with medicine. Rest in Peace, Bucky.

UPDATE! Gypsy has been adopted! She was adopted in October 2017. Gypsy is now a companion for an elderly lady. Her daughter thought a companion dog would be a good thing, and also good for Gypsy!

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