The name “Cinderella” is often used to describe one who unexpectedly achieves recognition or success after a period of obscurity and neglect. And that was certainly the case with this Cinderella. Approximately one year old and a Terrier mix, Cinderella was found as a stray on a farm and taken to the Rockingham County Animal Shelter in North Carolina on May 19th. She had an embedded collar, was covered in ticks and had what appeared to be an old injury to her rear left leg. While the shelter was able to take care of her embedded collar and ticks, Cinderella’s leg injury made her available for rescue only.

Animal advocate Faith Wright contacted RADAR on May 26th to see if we could provide an offer to assist with vetting costs as an incentive for a rescue to take Cinderella. We agreed and on May 29th, Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in North Carolina agreed to take Cinderella! On June 11th, she received a thorough exam and had x-rays taken of her injured leg. The diagnosis was that it was a previous break, which is almost fully healed. The vet indicated that the leg will continue to heal a bit more, but no surgery is needed at this time.

Faith told us the following about Cinderella: “She is a very, very sweet little dog. She is very affectionate and wants nothing more than to shower you with kisses! She is well behaved and so appreciative to be saved and cared for. She stole my heart while I was driving her to rescue. If the drive had been much longer, she would have come back home with me! Cinderella is such a calm, well behaved dog. It’s amazing that she was abandoned.” Click here to view more photos of Cinderella.

RADAR paid the exam and x-ray costs of $91 for Cinderella.

UPDATE! All funds for Cinderella have been raised! Thank you!

UPDATE! Cinderella has been adopted!

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