The word cocoa makes one think of a sweet, warm drink to hold off the cold days of fall and winter. But the story of Cocoa, a fifteen-year-old blind Miniature Poodle, will both chill your heart at human cruelty and warm your heart as you read how he was saved. Cocoa was found wandering in Stokes County, North Carolina by David, near his workplace on a cold, rainy evening. He took Cocoa to his own vet, where Cocoa was treated for fleas which had caused missing fur, given eye drops and had his curled toenails trimmed. Cocoa was also started on antibiotics. He was scanned for a microchip, which led to his owner. Despite offers of vetting assistance and food donations, the owner no longer wanted Cocoa. David could not keep Cocoa, so he shared him on social media on November 2nd, seeking advice. Cocoa was sad and shut down after being abandoned by his owner. Could someone bring some sweetness to Cocoa’s golden years?

On November 4th, Lost Fantasy Stables and Animal Rescue in Virginia wrote to request RADAR’s assistance with Cocoa’s numerous dental and medical needs. Of course, we agreed to help this suffering senior. RADAR covered numerous medical tests and medical exams. Cocoa was found to have a severe heart condition, which ruled out operating to remove a large prostate mass and performing dental work. Cocoa did have a mouth infection and received treatment, and he began medication for his heart.

Cocoa is now in a loving foster home. He is well-groomed and feeling much better. Cocoa is good with cats and other dogs. He would get along with older, considerate children. His size makes him apartment friendly. He is looking his best and searching for that special furever home. Be sure to take a look at more photos in Cocoa’s gallery.

RADAR paid all $207 of the rescue’s initial vetting and testing costs for Cocoa.

We need your help to help us cover our costs of helping Cocoa. Please donate to his Fund now!

Amount Raised: $140
Goal: $207

Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Cocoa:

Chloe’s SOS Fund ($50); Leilani Campbell; Brian Mertz; Lori DeBusk; In memory of Miles; Anonymous

If you are interested in adopting Cocoa, please contact Lost Fantasy Stables and Animal Rescue.

Added on January 12, 2020.

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