Colt is not a young male horse but a five-year-old Chocolate Labrador Retriever mix. This handsome boy arrived at the Darlington County Humane Society shelter in South Carolina on July 11th. Colt and his friend Stella were both surrendered by their owner, who was moving. This otherwise very adoptable dog waited unwanted in the shelter due to his heartworm positive status. Treating a dog for heartworms is costly, and most adopters and rescues do not have the funds needed to do so.

On August 6th, Susan Blakeney, RADAR’s liaison with the Darlington County Humane Society, reached out to RADAR. New England Lab Rescue in Maine wanted to help Colt find a new home but needed assistance with his heartworm treatment costs. Could we help? We said we would cover the costs. Colt finished his heartworm medical injections on August 13th. His buddy, Stella, also received a RADAR grant and went to another rescue.

Colt is striking in his chocolate coat and easy stride. A mature adult Labrador Retriever, he enjoys calm walks and leisure time with other four-legged canine friends, both male and female. Lab lovers who appreciate the breed but don’t want the mischievousness of a young Lab will love Colt. He is handsome, even-tempered, and gentle. Click here to view more photos of Colt.

RADAR paid all of Colt’s heartworm treatment costs, which totaled $383.

UPDATE! All funds for Colt have been raised! Thank you!

If you would like to help us have the ability to help other dogs, please visit our Donations page.

Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Colt:

Helping Hands for Hearts Fund ($100); Sunday Wright Fund; Melissa Feeney; Paulette Califano; Amy Brown; RADAR 2020 Calendar proceeds

If you are interested in adopting Colt, please contact New England Lab Rescue.

Added on September 8, 2019.

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