When it comes to the combination of hard-luck stories and low-cost care, there’s no contest with Contessa! This 12-year-old mystery mix (perhaps part Greyhound) was found abandoned along a busy highway on Saturday night, August 24th. Contessa seemed dazed, and both visually and hearing impaired. Because of her age and condition, rather than kenneling her at the Rowan County Animal Shelter in Kentucky, STAR (Saving the Animals of Rowan) provided her with a temporary foster home.

The timing for Contessa’s vet care was nearly perfect. STAR is a participant in the Morehead State University Veterinary Technology Program (MSU-VTP). Once a month several STAR dogs get a week of vet care and treatment at a greatly reduced cost. Contessa was able to join the other dogs going to MSU-VTP the week of August 26th, and RADAR offered to cover her costs. She got a clean bill of health for a senior dog (including testing heartworm negative). Contessa had complete vet care provided for a full week for the incredible low cost of $27!

Contessa’s foster mom provided this update: “She is adapting easily to her foster home, and goes up and down stairs. She definitely has some vision. She has more hearing loss than vision loss. Contessa will follow me around the yard and pretty much lays in her bed in the kitchen most of time!” To view more photos of Contessa, click here.

RADAR paid $27 for all of Contessa’s veterinary care costs done the week of August 26th.

UPDATE! All funds for Contessa have been raised! Thank you!

UPDATE Contessa crossed the Rainbow Bridge on October 1st, 2013. She died from renal failure. We are so grateful that Contessa was able to know love from her foster family and receive medical care in her last 5 weeks of her life. Rest in peace, Contessa.

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