In mid-July, with her ears still bleeding from being mutilated, this frightened Pit Bull mix arrived at the Bartow County Animal Control shelter in Georgia. As an injured Pit Bull mix, this dog was in danger. The shelter’s rescue coordinator, Jan Granai managed to convince the animal control director Debbie Elrod, to spare this dog’s life week after week (as a tribute, the dog was named Debbie!). Despite the many reprieves, Monday, August 27th was the final deadline.

On Sunday night, August 26th, Lori Heath, a relentless advocate for animals in Georgia, noticed that several of her rescue friends were madly posting pleas for a rescue to take Debbie by Monday. Despite the long odds, Lori went to bat for Debbie. She asked RADAR for help, and we immediately offered to pay Debbie’s initial vetting as an incentive to get a rescue to pull her.

RADAR committed to cover up to $100 of Debbie’s initial vetting costs.

Even though Animal Alliance, a New Jersey rescue, had just agreed to Lori’s request to take the at-risk dog Midnight, the unthinkable happened: Anne Trinkle and her Animal Alliance agreed to take Debbie!  Now Lori had the urgent task of getting the word to the shelter to remove Debbie from death row. Kathe Dotson, a rescue agent with C.A.R.L. (Companion Animal Rescue League) in Georgia, who was pulling Midnight from another shelter, agreed to pull Debbie as well.

When Kathe got to the shelter, Debbie refused to walk through the shelter. She was put on a wagon and wheeled out to freedom as the staff and volunteers cheered her on in an emotionally tearful sendoff! Once outside, Debbie was jubilant! Click here for more photos of Debbie.

Kathe also opened her heart and home to keep the two dogs at her house until their initial vetting and spaying on August 28th at Planned PEThood of Georgia. After their vetting, both dogs were boarded until their transport to New Jersey.

Even though Debbie’s vet bill of $154 was more than RADAR’s $100 commitment, RADAR paid the full bill.

UPDATE! All funds have been raised for Debbie’s Fund! Thank you!

UPDATE! Debbie has been adopted!

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Debbie:

Debra Patton; Susan Krunic; Kimberly Dickey; Marilyn Quindo; Jennifer Siegert

Added on August 29, 2012.

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