Delaney’s demise was not what anybody anticipated, but at least this seven-year-old Beagle mix got to experience some TLC in what turned out to be her final six weeks. She was found as a stray on September 28th, was picked up by animal control and taken to the Granville County Animal Shelter in North Carolina. Delaney appeared to have some mammary masses, as well as a mass on her tail. The shelter indicated that this “very sweet and loving girl” needed to get out of the shelter ASAP.

On October 2nd, Tanya Wildman of RescueConnect in North Carolina reached out to RADAR for help with Delaney. “This shelter does not test for heartworms, so she may very well be heartworm positive,” Tanya said. “This poor baby has probably been bred all of her life and now has been dumped for someone else to deal with. We want to provide her the opportunity for a life she deserves to live.” We agreed to assist with her vetting costs and heartworm treatment if needed. With our help in hand, RescueConnect pulled her the next day.

“She has had a bath, eaten dinner and has managed to find a comfortable place to rest!” Tanya told us on her first day of temporarily fostering Delaney. “She is super sweet and very easy going. Thank you so much for your help in saving this precious baby!” However, there was one ominous observation: “She has been coughing a little bit so I am hoping it is not heartworms.”

Delaney’s initial vetting on October 4th confirmed that not only did she have heartworms, but her heart was enlarged as well as her liver. “She is coughing quite a bit,” Tanya said, “and is probably one of the sicker ones I have fostered. She also has fluid buildup because her heart is not working properly. The vet put her on several heart medications. Even though she is a sick little girl, she always wags her tail and wants to be in your lap! She is an absolute doll!” Shortly thereafter, Melissa became Delaney’s foster mom to see her through her treatment.

Then on November 16th came the dreaded news from Tanya: “I wanted to let you know Delaney has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Her heartworm disease was just too far advanced. Her lungs started to fill with fluid and she was having a hard time breathing. We are very sad about this baby, but at least she was loved in the end. Our hearts are with her foster Melissa, who had been taking wonderful care of Delaney. Thank you again for your help.” To see more photos of Delaney, click here.

RADAR paid all $203 of the initial vetting costs and euthanasia costs, for Delaney.

UPDATE: Delaney crossed the Rainbow Bridge on November 16, 2018.

UPDATE: All funds for Delaney have been raised. We thank you very much.

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Delaney:

Chloe’s SOS Fund ($100); Hound Dog Fund ($50)Linda Ahlstrand Gambino; MoJo (aka Maurice)

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