To what lengths does a dog have to go to get adopted these days? In Emma’s case, over 2200 miles! This five-year-old American English Coonhound arrived as a stray at the Pocahontas County Animal Control shelter in West Virginia. Since few people in this rural county have hounds as companion animals, Emma likely belonged to a hunter, and perhaps this dog just wouldn’t hunt. As expected, no one came for her, so she faced an uncertain fate at the shelter.

What Emma needed was an advocate to help find a rescue or adopter for her. And she got exactly that with De Anna and her Advocates for Shelter Animals of Pocahontas Co., WV (ASAP). It was love at first sight when De Anna met Emma, noting that “she has a real talent for tugging on heartstrings!” What Emma may have lacked in hunting skills, she more than made up for by being one sweet and lovable dog! For more photos of Emma, click here.

De Anna worked her magic and got the word out about Emma. In response to a Facebook posting, a great adopter was found. But the adopter lived in Idaho! That wasn’t about to deter De Anna. ASAP, working with Coonhound Companions, got the adopter screened and approved, and made plans for Emma’s big transport to her forever home in Idaho.

ASAP needed some financial help to make this all work, so De Anna requested RADAR’s assistance. RADAR committed to cover the vetting and spaying costs for Emma.

On October 22nd, Emma had her vetting and spaying done in preparation for her mid-November transport. RADAR paid the entire $172 vet bill.

UPDATE! After a 2 week journey from West Virginia to Idaho, Emma is finally with her forever family! Thank you to everyone involved in helping to make this happen!

UPDATE! All funds for Emma have been raised! Thank you!

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Emma:

Sherrie Burkett; Tiffany Provost; Rick Thompson & Ken Siegert

Added on October 23, 2012.

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