Performing live on stage at the Theatre in the Pound, it’s Esmerelda! This two to three-year-old Shepherd-Carolina Dog mix came to the Darlington County Humane Society shelter in South Carolina as a stray on March 28th. The beauty for whom Esmerelda is named in “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” advocates for outcasts. Our Esmerelda became an outcast when she tested positive for heartworms. On May 21st her name was put on the May 27th “put to sleep” list, which meant that she could be euthanized any time after that date.

RADAR offered, on May 21st, to assist with the cost of Esmerelda’s heartworm treatment as an incentive for a rescue to pull her. Susan Blakeney, RADAR’s liaison with the Darlington County Humane Society Rescue, began ringing the bells to broadcast Esmerelda’s plight. This resonated with a Virginia rescue, and on June 10th Caring for Creatures committed to pulling her. Esmerelda had her heartworm treatment on June 16th.

Esmerelda is small at 30 pounds, but just like the fictional heroine she has a large and generous heart. She loves to be center stage showing off her canine moves. She is a happy, bouncy and friendly lady who seeks out attention and enjoys being involved in the action. Like all stars, Esmerelda prefers to take the lead and let others follow. She is best paired with a partner dog who won’t upstage her. To see more photos of Esmerelda, click here.

RADAR paid all of Esmerelda’s heartworm treatment costs, totaling $211.

UPDATE! All funds for Esmerelda have been raised! Thank you!

UPDATE! Esmerelda has been adopted!

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Esmerelda:

Helping Hands for Hearts Fund; Jackie Chambley; Diana Berkstresser; Anitra Gordy; Miriam Keslar

Added on July 7, 2015.

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