Here’s our quip for Flip: a snip, a microchip and a transport trip! Approximately two to three years old and a Plott Hound mix, Flip was found as a stray on September 3rd and taken to the Beaufort County Animal Control shelter in North Carolina. He had a previous injury to his right front leg. He was unable to use the leg, and would just drag it. He also had two scars in the shoulder area of the injured leg that appeared to be partially healed. Flip needed a rescue and fast. This small rural shelter is only able to give dogs a short amount of time to find an adopter or rescue placement.

On September 6th, RADAR provided an offer to assist with the vetting costs for Flip as an incentive for a rescue to take him. On September 11th Believe In Buster Animal Rescue & Sanctuary in Virginia agreed to take Flip! He was neutered and had his injured leg x-rayed on October 5th. The vet determined that Flip has feeling in the leg, and that it was healing. If sores on the paw develop, or he chewed on the leg, or the leg just dangled, then amputation would be recommended. Unfortunately, Flip also tested heartworm positive. To provide Flip with better adoption opportunities, he was transferred to Paws Crossroads Animal Rescue in Pennsylvania.

We were told this about Flip: “He is a very lively and wonderful boy. He may have limited use of his right front leg, but that does not stop this beautiful boy from being active. He just wants to go and go and go! And he does use the leg now. Flip gets along with most dogs and is just an all-around great Plott Hound looking for lifelong love.” To see more photos of Flip, click here.

RADAR paid $200 towards Flip’s neutering and x-ray costs.

UPDATE! All funds for Flip have been raised! Thank you!

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UPDATE! Flip has been adopted!

Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Flip:

Black Dog Fund; Hound Dog Fund; Paul & Anna Nadler; Dorian Edwin / Creations for Castaway Canines

Added on October 24, 2015.

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