Three abandoned and starving puppies were found by a Good Samaritan in the town of Onego, WV, in June. The kind woman who found and fed the pups decided to keep one of them, and named her Daisy. The other two pups were taken to the Pendleton Animal Welfare Shelter (PAWS) in Franklin, WV, and named Gally and Guennie. On August 10th, Guennie was adopted into a wonderful home to be with Katie, another abandoned pup who was adopted from PAWS in December.

And then there’s Gally. This little Beagle mix was diagnosed to have paraphimosis, a serious condition that can lead to a male dog’s inability to urinate. With the prospects for a costly operation, and no available funds, things looked grim for Gally.

But Carol Hutchison, the foster care and rescue coordinator at PAWS, was not about to give up on Gally. Carol found a vet to do the operation for only $500.  With the urgency of the situation, the surgery took place on August 13th.

Now all that Carol needed was the money! Carol, who had worked with RADAR on the successful adoption of Lizzy (formerly Cocoa, and one of our “Just Off the RADAR” dogs), turned to RADAR for financial assistance for Gally. As an incentive, RADAR provided PAWS’ donors with this challenge: if they could raise $300 for Gally’s surgery, RADAR would pay the remaining $200. In less than two days they met the challenge goal! Click here to see more photos of Gally.

RADAR has committed to paying the remaining $200 of Gally’s surgery costs.

UPDATE! Gally continues to recover from his surgery, so much so that last weekend (August 25th) he went to an adoption event. Turns out that he LOVES kids, the more the better!

UPDATE! Gally has been adopted!!

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Gally:

Carol Painter; Ginnie Mashburn; Kimberly Dickey

Added on August 20, 2012.

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