This older Geezer is a real people pleaser! Approximately seven years old and a Labrador Retriever mix, Geezer arrived at the Hampton County Animal Shelter in South Carolina on December 22nd. Testing heartworm positive put him at grave risk of being euthanized since dogs with heartworms are usually not treated at this shelter. Being older and black limited his adoption or rescue options even more.

The shelter contacted the Mary Ann Morris Animal Shelter (MAMAS), a no-kill shelter, in Bamberg County, South Carolina, to see if they could take Geezer. After meeting him, there was no way MAMAS could say no. “We are determined to help Geezer find a great life from here on out,” Ruthie Rish with MAMAS said. “A better dog cannot be found!” On February 12th, Ruthie requested our help with Geezer’s heartworm treatment. There was no way we could say no! He had his heartworm treatments on February 21st and March 27th.

“Geezer is a wonderfully delightful dog who is simply a joy to be around,” Ruthie shared with us. “He loves people and has impeccable manners. He is so good, we chose him to go with us to Petco to accept the grant they gave us to rebuild some of our kennels. He was the perfect rider and everyone there loved him. He gets along great with other dogs and loves lying in his swimming pool full of soft blankets. When he gets out of his kennel, he will just follow you around, as if he’s been your best friend forever!” To see more photos of Geezer, click here.

RADAR paid all $440 of the heartworm treatment costs for Geezer.

UPDATE! All funds for Geezer have been raised! Thank you!

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UPDATE! Geezer has been adopted! He also has a new name – Rocky!

Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Geezer:

Helping Hands for Hearts Fund ($100); Chloe’s SOS Fund ($100); Black Dog Fund ($50); Sunday Wright Fund; William & Mary Barnard; Laura Troy, in memory of Jen Gettys’ pet, Ben; Barb & Marty Myers; Tracey & Lee Meyers; L. Lane

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