While General was able to win some difficult battles in recent months, sadly, he lost the war to his emotional scars. His story is full of heartbreak, hope and then more heartbreak. From the time he was six weeks old, General lived happily with his owner. But then his owner died, and five-year-old General’s life was turned upside down. His owner’s family put him outside in a pen and didn’t feed him. Neighbors called animal control, and General was taken to the Bertie County Humane Society shelter in North Carolina on September 2nd.

General was not friendly to the animal control officer, but this may be because the officer used a catch pole to drag General across the concrete floor at the shelter. As a result he was labeled as “rescue only.” Volunteers at the shelter befriended General and saw no signs of aggression. They began to desperately search for a rescue for him. As part of that effort, they contacted RADAR. We provided an offer to assist with his vetting costs to help encourage a rescue to take him.

On September 27th the East Coast Animal Alliance (ECCA) in Virginia agreed to take General. His initial vetting took place on September 29th. He went to a foster home, but then things began to go downhill. There were several biting incidents. Gina, ECCA’s founder with over 40 years of dog rescue experience, was determined to help General. He was fine with her and another ECCA member. Every effort was made to find what might be the trigger for his aggression, but to no avail.

After several exams by trusted vets to eliminate causes related to health or pain, Gina also had General evaluated by a behavioral specialist and an experienced trainer. After continued biting incidents, including with the trainer, the determination was made that General had incurred psychological damage at some point in his life that could not be controlled.

On November 4th Gina made the difficult decision to let General peacefully cross the Rainbow Bridge. Gina shared this with us: “It would have been too dangerous to adopt him out. He was unpredictable, but I loved him. He had a wonderful month of freedom and wonderful care. He was able to run and play and have some happy sunshine days. I had my vet come to the house to let him go. He was laying in the sunshine on a thick blanket. My head knows I did the right thing, now if only my heart would agree. ” Click here to view more photos of General.

RADAR paid all of General’s initial vetting costs, which totaled $176.

UPDATE: All funds for General have been raised. Thank you.

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Thank you to the following contributors who have so kindly given to help cover RADAR’s costs for General:

Mara Alexander; Barbara Keller; Laura Jones; Lorraine & Patrick Smith; Meredith Adams; Jennifer Siegert

Added on November 5, 2015.

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