Little old Gizmo, despite his misfortunes, was one lucky dog, and not just once or twice, but four times! The tale of this Chihuahua-Terrier mix starts with a Tucker County Animal Control officer in West Virginia picking him up as a stray in late October.

Gizmo’s first lucky break was ending up in the safety of the no-kill Tucker County Animal Shelter run by Cathy Parsons. Cathy and her staff  were sure that Gizmo was someone’s lap dog. They put up posters and got the word out on Facebook, but no one claimed him. Cathy described Gizmo this way: “He’s got dermatitis, is partially blind, older than dirt, but has a will to live!”

The second lucky break for Gizmo was the timing of his arrival at the shelter. Just a few days after he was brought in, Hurricane Sandy unleashed her wrath on the East Coast, including a blizzard in Tucker County and other parts of West Virginia. WInd-driven, heavy wet snow brought down trees and power lines. The shelter was without power for ten days. With only one generator for two buildings, Cathy could only provide heat to the cat building. Fortunately, she only had a handful of dogs, so the two most vulnerable seniors, Gizmo and Sky, were kept safe and warm with the cats. Had Gizmo not been brought to the shelter, at his age and in his condition, he never would have survived Sandy.

The third lucky break for Gizmo was the most important one. Cathy reached out to Cindy Olweiler of Angels Among Us Animal Sanctuary in Pennsylvania. With RADAR’s financial assistance, Cindy had just recently agreed to take Sky. Cindy asked RADAR to cover Gizmo’s initial vetting and neutering, and we immediately agreed. Gizmo now had a rescue!

As a bonus, Gizmo had a fourth lucky break when he and Sky got to spend a few days between the two legs of their transport to Angels Among Us at the home of Amy and Jim Riley in Gettysburg, PA. The Rileys are faithful supporters of RADAR, the Tucker County Shelter, and Angels Among Us. Amy did part of the transport run, and took some great photos of this senior duo. Amy reports this about Gizmo: “He is quite an active little boy! You would swear he was a puppy. He absolutely LOVES other dogs.” For more photos of Gizmo, click here.

RADAR has committed to pay all of Gizmo’s initial vetting and neutering costs of approximately $100.

UPDATE! All funds for Gizmo have been raised! Thank you!

UPDATE! Due to some recent medical issues, Gizmo has become a “Resident Angel”, which means that he is in permanent foster care at Angels Among Us Animal Sanctuary.

UPDATE Gizmo crossed the Rainbow Bridge on July 3, 2014. From his rescue, “Our adorable man, Gizmo aka Wolfman, went to the Rainbow Bridge early this morning. He had a wonderful life with his permanent foster family, and he was a favorite of his foster dad. He will be missed.” Rest in Peace, Gizmo.

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Gizmo:

Liz & John Partlow; Diane Papworth

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