Gladys Knight may have been the Empress of Soul, but this Gladis is ready to be the Empress of Your Soul! This approximately seven-old German Shepherd mix arrived as a stray at the Sampson County Animal Shelter in North Carolina way back on May 16th. Not only was Gladis an older dog, but she was also was heartworm positive. The combination did not bode well for her getting out of this high-kill shelter alive.

RADAR received requests to help with Gladis and Hailey, another at-risk, heartworm-positve German Shepherd at this shelter. On July 2nd, we provided offers to assist with the heartworm treatment for both dogs as incentives for rescues to take them. On July 6th, the German Shepherd Rescue and Adoptions (GSRA) in North Carolina agreed to take Hailey. Fortunately, the following day GSRA also agreed to take Gladis!

Although Gladis was a stray, she must have been good at scavenging since she was very overweight. She needed to go on a diet to lose enough weight for her heartworm treatment. Her dedicated foster mom (and personal trainer!) told us this: “Gladis was not too fond of her diet, but it was necessary. She actually now has a bit of a waistline showing! She is looking so much better, and seems to have more bounce in her step!” Gladis was able to have her heartworm treatment done on September 9th.

There’s also this from her foster mom: “Gladis is such a sweet girl. She is just a gentle, calm and well-mannered girl, whose tail never stops wagging. Gladis seems to have a perpetual smile on her face! Her tail just cracks me up, it never stops going! She is very eager to be part of her family and will happily follow you around. Gladis would be a great companion for anybody. She is fairly low maintenance, and is quite a contented girl.” Click here to see more photos of Gladis.

RADAR paid $250 towards the heartworm treatment costs for Gladis.

UPDATE! All funds for Gladis have been raised! Thank you!

UPDATE! Gladis has been adopted!

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Gladis:

Helping Hands for Hearts FundChloe’s SOS Fund; Jennifer Wallin; Anonymous; Diana Berkstresser

Added on September 14, 2013.

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