And now for the story of Glory. (Spoiler alert: sad start, happy ending!) This six-month old Shepherd-Collie mix was surrendered by her owner on February 8th at the Columbus County Animal Shelter in North Carolina. As an owner surrender, with no required holding period, this innocent dog’s life was immediately at risk. The shelter did not give her the dignity of a name, so she was only known by her kennel number: K18.

The volunteers with the Friends of Columbus County, NC Animals went to work to get the word out about K18. On February 10th, The Sanctuary at Haafsville in Pennsylvania, who were already taking two other dogs from this shelter, offered to take K18 as well if the funds to cover her initial vetting and spaying could be raised. While some pledges had been made, there was not enough. Within one hour of the rescue’s plea for help, RADAR committed to assist with $150.

Not only was K18 now safe, but she also got a name: Glory! She had her initial vetting and spaying done on February 14th. Glory arrived in Pennsylvania the following night. No sooner had she arrived when the best news of all came through: she was adopted! Click here to see more photos of Glory.

RADAR provided $150 towards the cost of Glory’s initial vetting and spaying.

UPDATE! Glory has been adopted!

UPDATE! All funds for Glory have been raised! Thank you!

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Glory:

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