Goofy is a two-time survivor of neglect and cruelty. His life began at the end of a chain where he was left to starve. When his owner was charged, Goofy was seized in the case and taken to the Darlington County Humane Society shelter in South Carolina on May 5th. He was two to three years old, severely underweight, and heartworm positive. Goofy was in desperate need for some TLC to restore him to good health, but, after six weeks, he was put on the shelter’s euthanasia list for July 1st. RADAR made an offer to pay the cost of his heartworm treatment in an attempt to encourage a rescue to take him. Happily, Goofy was adopted on July 6th, with the understanding that they would treat him for heartworm.

But Goofy came back to the shelter again on October 4th. He had been found running as a stray. His adoptive family was contacted (thanks to his microchip), but they did not return calls. The family hadn’t treated Goofy’s heartworms. Furthermore, reports indicated that poor Goofy had been tied out and neglected by this family. After seeing his familiar face on the Darlington Facebook page on November 11th, we contacted Susan Blakeney, RADAR’s liaison with the Darlington County Humane Society Rescue. She asked us for help once again with the cost of Goofy’s heartworm treatment, and we agreed again. Happily, Virginia Paws For Pits wanted Goofy, and our offer allowed them to be able to rescue him. Goofy had his heartworm treatment on December 1st, and he is doing well in a caring and loving foster home.

Throughout his ordeal Goofy has remained upbeat, cheerful, kind and loving. “Gawrsh,” he says, “I’m just a good-natured happy fella!” Goofy is a ham who is equally happy lounging in your lap as he is wiggling with joy and flashing a charismatic grin in front of the camera. “Ah-hyuck, y’all making such a fuss!” Yes, Goofy, you are a calendar boy for the resilience of Pitty love. To view more photos of Goofy, click here.

RADAR paid all of Goofy’s heartworm treatment costs, totaling $342.

UPDATE! All funds for Goofy have been raised! Thank you!

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UPDATE! Goofy has been adopted!

Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Goofy:

Helping Hands for Hearts Fund; Bully Breed Dog Fund; Rebecca Kuga; Carrie Berkman; Meredith Adams; Kay Poston; Gratzer Graphics, in memory of Colleen Gratzer’s dog, Truman

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