Seven days and $60 dollars. That’s all it took to save Grace! This two-year-old American Pit Bull mix arrived as a very thin stray at the Clayton County Animal Control shelter in Georgia on January 11th. As a Pit Bull mix in a high-kill shelter, she was very much at risk.

The volunteers at Partners with Clayton County Animal Control got the word out about Grace (who was known as Elsie at the shelter).

Sue Krunic, a RADAR supporter, had contacted us to offer to donate to help cover our costs if RADAR would make an assistance offer for a rescue to pull Candy and two other dogs whose time was up at this shelter. Thanks to Sue, Candy was saved. Unfortunately, no rescue committed to the other two dogs and they didn’t make it. With Sue’s blessing, RADAR made an incentive offer for Grace on January 16th.

On January 18th, Noahs-Bark Animal Rescue and Rehab in Tennessee agreed to take Grace! She was pulled from the shelter on January 21st, and got her initial vetting and spaying done on January 25th. Thanks to a grant program, Grace’s bill was only $60, and was covered entirely by the generosity of Sue Krunic. Click here to see more photos of Grace.

Grace is now in her foster home. Terri at Noahs-Bark Animal Rescue and Rehab said, “Grace is very sweet. She seems to be dog friendly and very people friendly. Her foster family loves her!”

RADAR paid the $60 bill for Grace’s initial vetting and spaying.

UPDATE! All funds for Grace have been raised! Thank you!

UPDATE! Grace has been adopted!

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Grace:

Sue Krunic

Added on January 29, 2013.

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