If you look close enough, you can see a halo hovering over Halee’s head. A two-year-old Shepherd mix, this shy and sweet girl ended up at the Greenwood County Animal Shelter in South Carolina on August 27th. Her owner said they couldn’t afford to care for Halee, and surrendered her to the shelter. Sadly, Halee had heartworms, which would make her journey to a new life a lot more difficult.

On August 29th Mary Lou Seymour with the Shelter Animals Advocates and its HeartBeat Goes On program asked for our help with Halee. Dog Star Rescue in Connecticut would take her if the cost of her heartworm treatment could be covered. We agreed to assist, and Halee secured her rescue placement. She received her heartworm treatment on September 29th.

“Halee is a very shy girl,” December Clark, also with Shelter Animals Advocates and The HeartBeat Goes On, told us. “She was afraid doing photos with a leash on, so we had to take it off to get any decent photos! She is sweet but shy. She needs a gentle hand to build her confidence.” To see more photos of Halee, click here.

RADAR paid all $357 of the heartworm treatment costs for Halee.

UPDATE! All funds for Halee have been raised! Thank you!

If you would like to help us have the ability to help other dogs, please visit our Donations page.

Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Halee:

Helping Hands for Hearts Fund ($100); Black Dog Fund ($50); Andy’s Safe Haven Fund, in memory of Ginnie Freeburn’s dog, Andy; Barb & Marty Myers; Gina Toomey; Maggi and Audrey

If you are interested in adopting Halee, please contact Dog Star Rescue.

Added on October 21, 2018.

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