On July 16th, Harold, a 12-year-old German Shepherd mix, was “traded-in” by his owners for a puppy at the Edgecombe County Animal Shelter in North Carolina. Yes, you read that right; Harold was traded-in like a used car! However, a 12-year-old car faces far better odds of survival than a 12-year-old dog, especially a black dog, in a high-kill shelter.

Our partners at SPCA Alliance of NC (SPCAANC) came to Harold’s rescue on July 17th. A temporary foster was found, and Harold received his initial vetting. He was loaded with fleas and hookworms, was very thin (but not emaciated), and tested lightly heartworm positive. He had never been neutered. Otherwise, the vet gave Harold a clean bill of health. Click here for additional photos.

His fleas are now gone, he’s being treated for the hookworms, and he’s eating better to gain weight. A laid-back and gentle soul, Harold just wants to be loved. He gets along well with other dogs. The SPCAANC is only able to foster Harold temporarily; an adopter or rescue group will be needed.

Harold is the perfect poster child for a RADAR at-risk dog: an older dog, a black dog, and a dog with medical needs.

RADAR has committed to covering the full $161 cost for Harold’s initial vet care and upcoming neutering.

UPDATE! We have raised the funds to help Harold! Thank you to our generous supporters!

UPDATE! Harold has a pending adoption! His story so touched his new Mom, that she contacted Julie at the SPCA Alliance of NC on the first day that we posted him. He has now been neutered and chipped, and is expected to be transported to his new home on July 28th!

UPDATE! Harold has officially been adopted, and… he has been renamed “Radar”!! How cool is that?!?

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Harold:

Louise Martin; Patricia Newberg; Amber & Scott Albright; Margaret Lillard; Anni Poppen; Cheryl Brelsford

Added on July 19, 2012.

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