Helping Hands for Hearts Fund for 2019

Listed below are the donors and the dogs who were assisted by the Helping Hands for Hearts (HHH) Fund for 2019.

Your contributions to the Helping Hands for Hearts (HHH) Fund helped us save 296 heartworm positive dogs by providing them with a second chance at life. Copper was our 2019 Spokes-Dog for this fund, and she was helped the previous year through this fund. Make a difference and donate to help more dogs like Copper. Please take a moment and take a look at all of the dogs assisted in 2019 through this Fund. Click here to make a donation – we thank you for your support!

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2019 Donor List for the HHH Fund

Thank you to the following contributors:

Scotch Blakeney; Manheim Pike Veterinary Hospital’s Thank You Rewards App; Gretchen Kozen; Rusty Baksa, in honor of the birthday of his wife, Kristin; Rebecca Brafman; Jessica Armijo, in honor of Christina Citsay’s birthday; Diane Krieger & Melissa Feeney, in honor of Bridget Johnson’s birthday; Rosie, who RADAR assisted in 2016; Gail O’Connor & Donna Senica, in memory of Donna’s beautiful and loving dog, AbbeyElaine Stevens; Anonymous; Nichole Boudreau Tracy; Kelley Doherty; Pennie Allen; Lisa Pavlica; MoJo (aka Maurice); Erica Leigh Wright; KathyO; Mary Harrison; Kathie Weinberg; Ruthie Rish; Nancy Candusso; Toni Varga; Donna Venable; Jo Irvine, in memory of her beloved Robbie; Tammy Wells; Jessica Biamonte; Ellen Lyon; Bonnie Mayo; Peggy Marshall; Bob Versheck; Lola Awoyinka; Rebecca Kuga; Amy Bell; JMH; Sunday Wright Fund; Kay Harrold; Jennifer Siegert; Peggy Marshall, in memory of her dog, Hercules; Brian Mertz; Kelley Doherty; Judy Graham; Lisa Eng-Zerko; Leeann Lindrose; Jody Hoffmann; Sarah Miller; Kerri Stichler; Shannon Cook; Cecelia Heath; Marisa Marazey; Amanda Keerbs, in honor of her little girl Brooklyn who came from Nash County Animal Friends of NC and was heartworm positive. She was treated and is enjoying life!; Paula Ballard; Leilani Campbell; Peggy Austin; Jennifer Gibson; Karen Valente; Christine Opalenik; Elizabeth Lavoie; TR; Gail O’Connor; Karen Anderson; Kimberly Dickey; Barb & Marty Myers; MaryBeth Deiters; Elaine Stevens; Anonymous; Sunburst Foundation, in honor of the fosters past & present; Anonymous; Matthew Mulhall; Leslie Rothberg, in loving memory of Riley and in honor of all of my rescues: Duncan, Bandit and Paisley; BARK (Bishopville Animal Rescue Krew); Lorraine & Patrick Smith; Dawn and Paul Zimmermann, in memory of Cocoa; Marsha Sissler; T-Shirt Fundraiser; Judith Apy; Rusty & Maisy; Matis Family; Angela Davis; Jim Lundsted; Calvin Young; Anonymous; Ken Siegert & Rick Thompson, in honor of their RADAR-assisted dog, Finn; Marty (fka Jayson), who RADAR assisted in 2019; Melissa Unverferth; Ann Fry; Stephen Siegert; Tina Pragel; Diane Endy; The Kennedy/Shannon Charitable Fund; Laura Jones, in honor of Toby; Anne & Patrick Killeen; Linda Ferrell; Maricor Ferry; Victoria Kost-Swinson; Gerald Huber; Nancy Warner; Dorsey Patrick; Victoria Adraktas; Donna Venable; Anonymous; James Riley; Kathy O; Jen Slater; Kristin Baksa

Thank you to the following contributors for donating in honor of Tracy Craig’s birthday:

Connie Leydig, Jane Stein, Angie Baker, Sharon Auville, Anonymous, Amy Welton, Holly Landes, Madalene Vance, Bridget Sions, Melanie DeVault, Lynne Redmon; Brian Mertz

Thank you to the following contributors for donating in honor of Cheryl Wise’s birthday:

Sheila Valdez; Nanette Oggiono; Robbie Lane Jackson; Jacque Honeycutt; Edward Faison; Jimmy Calder; Elizabeth Claussen; Cheryl Wise

Thank you to the following contributors for donating in honor of Jason Greenzweig’s birthday:

Kate Davis; Charisse Messina; Jacquie Robinson

Thank you to the following contributors for donating in honor of Linda Siegert’s birthday:

Linda Siegert; Kate Davis; Anonymous; Debra Chan; Luani Laski

Thank you to the following contributors for donating in honor of Mary Harley’s birthday:

Gloria Riley-Schaaf; Anita Evers; Emily Pleiman Janjanin; Lisa Walker; Sharon Sikkelee

Thank you to the following contributors for donating to Astrild Maltby’s #GivingTuesday fundraiser:

Astrild Maltby; Juztin Brown; Elayne Reynolds Tulliani

Thank you to the following contributors for donating in honor of Jen Slater’s birthday:

Jen Slater; L. Colleen Simon; Kathleen Ferrizzi; Deb Giampa; Dawn Baumgardner; Samia Taj

Thank you to the following contributors for donating in honor of Melissa Feeney’s birthday:

Melissa Feeney; Diane Krieger; Chrys Kestler; Leslie McElveen; ToniAnn Fotie Deutsch; Maria Zahn; Anonymous; Heather Rose; Janine Dion; Kelli Darcy Lawyer; Tara Labriola; Laurie Bloom; Bonnie Porzio; Anonymous; Stacey Zahariadis Failla; Gary Jendras; Ginny Ritter; Joellen Thivierge; Diane Krieger; Ronnie Chervin; Adrianna Perciballi; Kevin McKenna; Walter Priestly; Ken Siegert & Rick Thompson

2019 Dogs Assisted Through the HHH Fund

Heartworm Disease in Dogs

You might also find these links helpful:

You’ve heard it before – your dogs should be on heartworm preventatives (preferably year-round, so that you don’t forget to start again!). Some might say that it’s too expensive. It’s about $150 for a year’s supply of preventative and for the cost of the test… or about 40 cents a day. That cost is well worth it when you consider the pain heartworms will cause your beloved pet, and the pain of potentially losing your pet to something that you can prevent.

Take a look at all of the dogs who have received assistance just this year through the Helping Hands for Hearts fund, and please make a donation.

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