Thanks to many collaborative efforts, Hilda’s heart-wrenching story turned to one of hope and happiness. Hilda, a German Shepherd, is estimated to be 11 years old. A good samaritan had observed a group of teens holding parties at a remote site. While the teens would come and go, they left Hilda chained to a pole with only a tarp providing any protection. When the good samaritan approached the teens, this was their explanation: “She’s old and we brought her here to die in peace.” The good samaritan contacted animal control, and on May 31st Hilda was taken to the Tucker County Animal Shelter in West Virginia.

Hilda was not in the best shape, with what appeared to be some hip discomfort and skin problems, her fur was filthy and matted, and she was underweight. But Hilda had the good fortune to be at the shelter run by Cathy Parsons, who goes to great lengths to save every animal under her care. On June 2nd, Cathy reached out to RADAR for assistance, both financial and to network to find a rescue for Hilda. We agreed to help, and contacted some of our rescue partners who often focus on senior dogs. One of those was Corena Huffman of the Highland County Humane Society in Virginia. Corena networked Hilda to some of her rescue contacts, and struck gold! Barbara Dodge with the Virginia German Shepherd Rescue (VGSR) was interested in having the rescue take Hilda. On June 7th, VGSR agreed to take Hilda!

On June 3rd, Hilda had her initial vetting done. She was transported to VGSR on June 14th. None other than Barbara Dodge is her foster! VGSR will have Hilda fully evaluated. Cathy told us this about Hilda: “She is a love! She was wonderful at the shelter, and loved the attention she received. I adored her and am so happy that she now has a rescue, and did not end up dying alone at the end of a chain under a piece of tarp.” Click here to view more photos of Hilda.

RADAR paid $92 for all of Hilda’s initial vetting costs.

UPDATE! All funds for Hilda have been raised! Thank you!

UPDATE! Hilda has been adopted! From her forever Dad, “Hilda explored the house, found her favorite spot is sitting at the front door and looking out on the street!…She and Mocha have no trouble sharing chew toys, and sitting next to each other taking turns getting fed treats…She loves walking on the leash, and is really perking and attentive to what is going on around the neighborhood…I think if she could she would really want to chase birds and squirrels!”

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Hilda:

Sandra Hardy; Mary Waters

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