Home for the Holidays

UPDATE! Thanks to YOUR generosity, we met our goal! Thank you so very much, and Happy New Year!

When Santa found out about RADAR’s mission of helping to save at-risk dogs, he insisted on hosting RADAR’s “Home for the Holidays” fundraiser! But Santa quickly became overwhelmed by the task! Santa and the dogs need your help to decorate RADAR’s “Home for the Holidays” living room. You can join the fun and help RADAR give more dogs hope in the new year by making a tax-deductible donation from now through the end of the year!

How does it work? Just take a look at the available decorations below, and then click anywhere it says, click here to donate to be taken to our donation form! You’ll be able to check-off the specific decorations that you’d like to add, and when you’ve made all of your selections, you can proceed to PayPal. The decorations that you selected will be placed into the picture (updates will happen once a day, usually in the evening). Each decoration represents a donation only.

There’s something for everyone, from tree ornaments (including new antique ornaments), lights, a RADAR wreath, various decorations, and even special add-a-name stockings to honor or remember your favorite pet, and much MORE! Click here to see all of the choices! Through your virtual decoration donations, you will help us make saving more at-risk dogs a reality.

Our goal this year is $15,000. As an added incentive, and with special thanks to several dedicated RADAR supporters, your donations will be matched! For each $500 raised, we will receive a $250 matching gift. If we can reach our $15,000 goal, we will receive $7,500 in matching gifts! Watch the progress on the donation tally board. Most of the matching gifts will be applied to our heavily used Helping Hands for Hearts Fund.

All donations made directly to RADAR, whether it’s a donation for a Featured Dog, Chloe’s SOS Fund, Helping Hands for Hearts Fund, Black Dog Fund, Hound Dog Fund, Bully Breed Dog Fund or a general donation, will count towards the “Home for the Holidays” total. If you would like your decoration donation applied to a specific Featured Dog or Fund, please indicate which dog or Fund in the “note to seller” during the checkout process.

And PLEASE be sure to send a Holiday message via the Donation form! We’ll then add your message to the bottom of this page! Would you prefer to just make a quick donation?

Do you prefer to donate on Facebook, you can donate via our Home for the Holidays fundraiser on Facebook. All donations will count! Also, you can raise funds for RADAR on Facebook by creating your own fundraiser.

Please share our Home for the Holidays fundraiser on social media! The more donations, the more dogs we can help!

To all of our supporters, donors, partners, volunteers, friends and dogs,

Happy Holidays from RADAR!

Questions? Please contact RADAR!

* If you prefer to send a check, please include which items you would like added to the virtual living room and please include your email address. Make checks payable to “RADAR” and send to RADAR, 228 Bethel Dr., Lancaster, PA 17601.

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Click here or anywhere on the graphic below to DONATE!

Click here or anywhere on the graphic above to DONATE!

 Donor List

Thank you to the following contributors:

Cat Dufresne; Barb & Marty Myers; Roxanne Stevens; Janice Hallmark; Kathy O; Judith Apy; Gail O’Connor; Anonymous; Vicki Boggs; Rusty & Maisy; Matis Family; Mary Jane Johnson; Jo Irvine; Angela Davis; Becca Zanecosky; Kelley Doherty; Bonnie Powers; Freya Hill; L. Lane; Joe Patterson; Lori DeBusk; Karen Fouts; David King; Ginnie Freeburn; Wendi LeConey; Theresa Stevenson; Kathleen Ferrizzi; Paulette Califano; Brenda Freeman; Jim Lundsted; Calvin Young; The Morgan Family; Anonymous; Susan Pasquini; Ken Siegert & Rick Thompson; Amy Coburn; Connie Ford; Erica Vernon; Patty Guthrie; Laura Jones; Diane Endy; Terri Rabel; Marty; Robin Deaux; Maggie Garrett; Sara Daza; Gretchen Kozen; Sherry Hutchison; Cameron Steese; Dawn & Paul Zimmermann; Dot Terry; Anonymous; Lisa Spangler; Melissa Unverferth; Stephanie Mattern; Danielle ReBant; Leslie Oliver Platt; Deb Giampa; Wayne & Laurie Goette; Cynthia Nichols; Mary Ann Gurka; Lisa McGinn; Astrild Maltby; Juztin Brown; Elayne Reynolds Tulliani; Ann Fry; Christine Desimone; Dawn Baumgardner; William Sacrey; Mary Haak; Tamara Talbot; Linda Siegert / Collars of Hope Creations; Tina Muncy; Sarah Parker; Adele Samples; Marsha Garrett; Kelly Shumate; Linda Dickerson; Alysia Intili; Shawn Brooks; Stephen Siegert; Cheryl Pasquarello; Tina Pragel; Samia Taj; Matthew Whitt; Kim Tungate; Linda Siegert / Collars of Hope Creations; Kay Harrold; Mary Rose; Sarah Lizee; Pam and Edward Campbell; Elizabeth Lavoie; Holly Jensen; Kelly Hoyt; Connie Hardin; Karen Dymond; Casey McSnout Fund; Roseann Collingwood; Richard Boehm; The Bell Family; Anna Nirva; Carmen Ratchford Jellen; Therese Anderson-Alexander; Kathryn Thompson; Cally; Karen Webb Esposito; Donna Hanson; Connie Walsh; Sandra Hardy; Kathryn Haddock; Tina Enloe; Susan Penney; Melissa Feeney; Diane Krieger; Mrs. Dymond’s 5th Grade Class; Chrys Kestler; Leslie Thornbury McElveen; ToniAnn Fotie Deutsch; Maria Zahn; Anonymous; Sandy Van Nostrand; Peggy Marshall; Leilani Campbell; Shop for your Cause; Robert Cameron; Heather Rose; Maggi Berwind-Dart; Janine Dion; Amy Anderson Brown; Kelli Darcy Lawyer; Mary Lou Seymour; The Parker Family; Susan Eargle; John Kennedy; Lena Khais; Emily Jameson DeFrances; Megan Elizabeth; Brian Mertz; Gratzer Graphics; Colleen Gratzer Nusser; Anonymous; Linda Ferrell; Anonymous; Jennifer Siegert; Kay Poston; Melissa Bitting; Melissa Herm; Maricor Ferry; Cheryl Wise; Edward Faison; Victoria Kost-Swinson; Gerald Huber; Nancy Warner; Tara Labriola; Jamie Hieber; Beth Reedy; Kristine Lee; Lorraine & Patrick Smith; Dorsey Patrick; Cathy Kerr; Victoria Adraktas; Laurie Bloom; Beth Higgins; Bonnie Porzio; Sandra Eitel; Donna Venable; The Bell Dogs; Elaine Stevens; Anonymous; Amanda & John; Melissa; James Riley; Anonymous; Jacquie Robinson; Debra Chan; Vanette Truelove; Amanda McKinney; Jennifer Carreiro; Kristin Baksa; Leslie Olyott

Special thanks to the following RADAR supporters who provided funding for the matching gifts:

Mariam Wright; Jennifer Siegert; Rebecca Kuga; Melissa Feeney; Anne & Patrick Killeen; The Kennedy/Shannon Charitable Fund; Rebecca Brafman; Judith Apy; Ken Siegert & Rick Thompson

 Holiday Messages, Honorariums or Memorials



 Kathy O In memory of Hannah, Shannon & Murphy.
 Gail O’Connor For all of the O’Connor dogs, past and present, who have enjoyed snuggling on a comfy chair. Thank you for all that you do.
 Jo Irvine In memory of our precious Cubbie.
Becca Zanecosky In honor of our RADAR alumni, Betsy, and all of the wonderful dogs rescued!
L. Lane   To All who’ve crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, in our hearts forever. Until we meet again.
Gretchen Kozen   For the Duplin dogs.
Stephen Siegert   In Loving Honor of Catherine Siegert, a super mom, wife, grandmother & great grandmother – rest in peace.
Roseann Collingwood   Thank you for helping Duplin County dogs!
Barb, Marty & Matt Myers   In memory of Titus, Sandy, Oscar & Phoebe.
Laura Jones   In honor of Toby.
  The Bell Family We love this FUNdraiser!
  Mary Lou Seymour In memory of Corey and the Damcat.
  Susan Eargle Thank you for what you do! I transported Glimmer on the 2nd leg with my grandson Thomas holding and loving on her!
  Linda Ferrell In honor of all the foster dogs past & present with the Sunburst Foundation.
  Lorraine & Patrick Smith In honor of Marie Bonham.
  Cathy Kerr Thanks for all you do for our “southern” dogs!
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