No, this Homer is not named after Homer Simpson! He is named after the Greek poet Homer. And this homeless Homer has been on quite an odyssey! It all started when Homer’s owner had to go to a retirement home and could not find anyone to take his nine-year-old, long-haired Chihuahua. So Homer went to the high-kill Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Kentucky on November 13th. Suffering from hair loss and terrified to be at the shelter, Homer shook so badly that he could barely stand.

The volunteers with the Bourbon County Rescue in Kentucky sent an email about Homer’s plight at 4:10 pm on the 13th. And at 4:34, RADAR responded with an offer to assist with Homer’s vet costs. Early the next morning the rescue got Homer out of the shelter. He was too traumatized to go to the vet or even to his foster home, so he spent a few days chilling out at his temporary foster home.

Homer had his initial vetting done on November 27th. His hair loss was due to a flea allergy, for which he was treated. He tested negative for heartworm. The vet did insist that Homer get dental treatment, and RADAR has agreed to cover that cost as well. Homer is now enjoying being a happy dog in his foster home. Click here to see more photos of Homer.

RADAR has already paid Homer’s initial vetting costs of $97, and has committed to cover his upcoming dental treatment costs of $111, or a total of $208.

UPDATE! When Homer arrived for his dental treatment on December 5th, the vet was concerned about his coughing, and wanted to take an x-ray before proceeding. The x-ray revealed a slightly enlarged heart, but nothing unusual for a very small dog of his age. The coughing was attributed to Homer being stressed by being at the vet! To avoid that in the future, Homer was put on an inexpensive blood pressure medication. The dental treatment was successfully completed. The $208 bill, which was $93 more than expected due to the x-ray, extensive exam and the medication, brought RADAR’s total assistance for Homer to $305.

UPDATE! All funds for Homer have been raised! Thank you!

UPDATE! Homer has been adopted!!!

UPDATE After only about 8 months in his forever home, Homer had to be rushed to the vet. Unfortunately, he collapsed soon after arriving at the vet, and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on September 16th, 2013. Homer had a good life with Raven. She showed him that humans could be trusted, and that humans could show him love and affection. Rest in peace, Homer.

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Homer:

Raven Hannah / The Gifted Pet; Melissa Kelley

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