Hope, a two-year-old Bully Breed mix, has had a lot of issues to cope with, but she’s hopeful things will be better from now on. The Mary Ann Morris Animal Shelter (MAMAS) in Bamberg County, South Carolina, took her in as a stray on June 10th. Not only did Hope have an extremely embedded and painful collar, but there was a clip attached to it, indicating that she had been kept on a chain. The wound was so deep that the shelter had to wait to have her spayed while it healed. She also had scars running the length of her back. With that type of neglect, it was no surprise that Hope also tested heartworm positive.

Ruthie Rish with MAMAS reached out to RADAR on June 26th, asking for help with Hope. If Hope was heartworm-free, a rescue would be more able to take her in. We committed to Hope’s health and she was treated for heartworms on July 7th. Shockingly, even though Hope was in such bad condition, her previous owners attempted to get her back while she was at the shelter. To ensure Hope’s safety, a rescue was quickly found. In consultation with Hope’s rescue, RADAR has decided that her rescue will not be publicly listed.

Hope is very friendly and loving. Despite the horrible life she has had to live, it has not affected her sweet personality. Rich, one of her transport drivers, said this about Hope, “so perfectly named as she looks like she’s been through some stuff but is still so friendly and curious. Hoping for a great life for her!” Fortunately, Hope not only got a rescue commitment, but was then quickly adopted! Be sure to view more photos in Hope’s gallery.

RADAR paid all of Hope’s heartworm treatment costs, which totaled $210.

UPDATE! Hope has been adopted!

UPDATE! All funds for Hope have been raised! Thank you!

While RADAR is no longer asking for donations for our nonprofit, we ask that you check out some of our rescue partners and make a donation to one or more of them.

Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Hope:

Helping Hands for Hearts Fund ($100); Bully Breed Dog Fund ($50); Second Chances Fund

Added on August 2, 2020.

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