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So many hound dogs (whether they are Coonhounds, Beagles, Bloodhounds, hound mixes) end up in shelters. They might be owner-surrenders, strays or cruelty cases. In many rural shelters, hounds make up about 25% of the dogs. Many don’t understand the powerful sense of smell that scent hounds have and if they are off-leash, they will typically nose and explore every scent trail they find. This often leads to them getting lost and picked up as strays, or even worse, getting hit by a car.

During hunting season, many hounds end up at the shelter. Many hunters utilize a pack of hounds to hunt and there are times when a hound becomes separated from the pack and is left behind. There are even some hounds who are surrendered to shelters because they “won’t hunt” or simply aren’t good hunters.

RADAR has recognized that hound dogs are one of the most at-risk dog types in shelters because many people mistakenly believe hounds are only for hunting and don’t realize that they can make wonderful companions. About 18% of the dogs we have assisted are hound dogs. The Hound Dog Fund is designed to better enable RADAR to assist hound dogs by providing $50 towards each hound dog helped, as long as funds are available. Cricket is our 2020 Spokes-Dog for this fund, and she was helped last year through this fund. Click here to donate to help more dogs like Cricket.

Take a look at all of the dogs who have received assistance through this fund so far this year.

Your contributions to the Hound Dog Fund will help us save more at-risk hound dogs by providing them with a second chance at life.

To see donors and assisted dogs from previous years, please click below:

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Donor List for the Hound Dog Fund

Thank you to the following contributors:

Anonymous; Sunday Wright Fund; Terri Rabel; Mary Jane Johnson, in honor of Valerie; Pamela Garnick; Dorian Edwin; Joseph Robert Foundation; Lauren & Carl Clark

Dogs Assisted Through the Hound Dog Fund

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