Little Jabber was found in a field in rural southern Ohio. The only thing known about this Jack Russell Terrier mix is that his leg was injured. The dog warden was called, and off Jabber went to the county’s dog pound. Like so many other rural shelters, at this shelter funds for food and other necessities are very limited. There was no way Jabber could get the vet care he needed.

Fortunately for Jabber, the very kind folks from one of RADAR’s rescue partners, Kind Hands 4 Paws, couldn’t resist taking this sweet dog into their rescue.

A visit to the vet brought good news and bad news. The good news is that other than his leg, Jabber is in fine health. The bad news is that his leg had been badly broken and was growing together in such a way that Jabber can’t use the leg. The vet has determined that Jabber’s leg needs to be amputated. The surgery is scheduled for May 9.

We have two videos of Jabber. The first video (click here) was taken on the day that he was pulled from the shelter. The second video (click here) was taken on April 17th. Additional photos can be seen by clicking here.

While the discounted cost of the surgery is only $225, Kind Hands 4 Paws does not have the funds to pay for this non-routine, but very necessary, medical care to better enable Jabber to get adopted and live a relatively normal life.

RADAR has committed to covering the full $225 for Jabber’s surgery.

UPDATE! Jabber had his surgery on May 9th, and is doing really well! The folks at Kind Hands 4 Paws report that he doesn’t seem to miss his leg at all (before the surgery, the bad leg was literally getting caught on his good leg and tripping him). Apparently, Jabber is much more concerned about his neutering!

UPDATE! RADAR has now PAID the full $248 for Jabber’s amputation and neutering!

UPDATE! Jabber was officially adopted today (10/18/2012), by his foster Dad! As part of his new forever family, he has lots of furry brothers and sisters to play with!

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Jabber:

Ken Siegert; Jennifer Siegert; Marie Barlow Martin

Added on April 12, 2012.

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