While Jackson does not have much of a tail, he sure has quite a tale! This 10-year-old Boxer mix arrived at the Beaufort County Animal Control shelter in North Carolina in late December under sad circumstances: his owner had died. Despite his age, near total deafness and a large lump on his side, Jackson was an immediate hit with the shelter staff. He was one of the friendliest and most loving dogs that the shelter staff had seen in a long time. The challenge was to find an adopter or rescue to save Jackson before it was too late.

On January 10th, as an incentive for a rescue to take Jackson, RADAR provided an offer to assist with his vet care. After intense networking, on January 23rd, Pibbles & More Animal Rescue in New York pulled Jackson for a waiting adopter, Jann O’Leary in Pennsylvania! Not only did Jann adopt Jackson, but she also fostered another dog the rescue pulled when they took Jackson from the shelter. Jackson’s tumor surgery was on February 6th, and he had two significant tumors removed. The larger one was a low-grade mast cell tumor that the vet felt was completely contained.

Jann told us this about Jackson: “His personality is really blossoming. He has never met a person he didn’t like! He loves riding in the car, and following his new brother Boxer, Moose, around. Jackson does have a little separation anxiety, and sings loudly to express himself. He wants to be with us every minute. He’s great with the cats on our farm, and curious about the horses. So far, he is fitting right in. No one can believe he is 10 years old, he acts more like a puppy!” Click here to view more photos of Jackson.

RADAR paid $200 towards Jackson’s tumor removal surgery costs.

UPDATE! Jackson has been adopted!

UPDATE We have some sad news to share with you about Jackson from his adoptive family: “Unfortunately, we lost Jackson very unexpectedly in May of 2015. He had a heart attack, and although he passed peacefully, we were devastated. He truly touched our hearts and we still miss him. His legacy lives on as we have since rescued another deaf boy, Sherman, a year old American Bulldog. Although we hate when one leaves, it seems there is always another in need.”

UPDATE! All funds for Jackson have been raised! Thank you!

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Jackson:

Chloe’s SOS Fund (Saving Our Seniors); Paul & Anna Nadler; Maryellen Pachler, in memory of Richard Bird; Kay Poston; Diana Berkstresser

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