Some may say, “Well, Jacob ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog.” This 5-year-old, 40-lb. hound mix found himself in dire double jeopardy at the Darlington County Humane Society shelter in South Carolina. Bad enough to be “just a hound dog” in an overcrowded high-kill shelter, but Jacob also was diagnosed with heartworms.

Jacob had until 9:00 PM, Tuesday, July 24th for a rescue to commit to take him. If not, he would be euthanized first thing Wednesday morning. With his heartworm status, Jacob’s odds of getting out of the shelter alive were slim to none. Click here to see additional photos of Jacob.

But something about Jacob captivated one of RADAR’s partners who volunteers at this shelter. She contacted RADAR late Friday, July 20th, to see if we could help get the word out about Jacob. She told us, “Jacob is an awesome dog. He is such a gentle, old soul. When I last saw him at the shelter, I told him to hang in there.”

In an effort to get past the stigma of Jacob’s heartworm status, RADAR offered to cover the approximately $300 cost of heartworm treatment if a rescue would pull him, and $100 for his initial vetting. All weekend desperate pleas were made to anyone and everyone to help find a rescue for Jacob. While several rescues were interested, none could find a foster.

With time rapidly running out, and hope turning to despair, a near-miracle took place on Monday. One of RADAR’s rescue partners, RescuedMe in North Carolina, found a foster family for Jacob, and immediately committed to pulling him!! Erika and Riley, the foster family, literally saved Jacob’s life!

RADAR has committed to pay the full cost of approximately $400 for the vetting and heartworm treatment for Jacob (we have since increased our commitment to $580; see update below for details).

UPDATE! We received an update on August 3rd that Jacob and his foster parents had quite the scare. His HW treatment has caused him some issues, and they were severe enough for his foster parents to take him to the vet. RADAR agreed to pay for the additional vet costs, so we have now increased his goal to $580 to cover the full RADAR commitment. RescuedMe expects him to pull through.

UPDATE! Jacob continues to have difficulties with his heartworm treatment. He went back to the vet on Thursday (8/9), and by Friday he was sent to a specialty vet hospital. He survived Friday evening, and has stabilized as of Saturday morning. RADAR has agreed to pay for his Thursday/Friday treatment and RescuedMe will cover the weekend vet care. The additional vet costs for RADAR are $541; our fundraiser has been increased to $1121. Any extra funds raised will go to RescuedMe to help them cover the weekend costs.

UPDATE! Jacob was released from the specialty vet hospital on Sunday evening (8/12). He is now resting comfortably in his foster home. We also want to thank everyone who donated to RADAR and RescuedMe, to help cover Jacob’s unexpected costs. Your generosity is just AMAZING!!

UPDATE! Jacob has been adopted!!!

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Jacob:

David Cline; Ginnie Mashburn; Margaret Walker; Kay Poston; Nikki & Andy Rearich; Jane Zimmerman; Susan Blakeney; Diane Mason; Susan Weiss; Connie Lowery; Marianne McCleary; Elizabeth Lavoie; Betsy Swisshelm; Elissa Saunders; Jennifer Siegert; Joan Deraval; Cheryl Wise; Ken Siegert & Rick Thompson; Susan Geier

Added on July 24, 2012.

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