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Listed below are dogs that RADAR has indirectly assisted. Even though the dogs were not officially RADAR assisted or posted as “Featured Dogs”, RADAR played an instrumental role on their behalf. And, yes, there is even a cat on the list!

These dogs are not included in the “Dogs helped by RADAR” official count.

Bianca, a nine-year-old Shepherd mix spent her life chained outside. On January 31st, she was attacked by another dog. Her owner broke up the fight with a shovel, and in the process struck Bianca in the head. Instead of seeking vet care, her owner dumped her at the Pocahontas County Animal Shelter in West Virginia later that same day. She remained at the pound for over 24 hours without any vet care. The Highland County Humane Society in Virginia sought RADAR’s help on the evening of February 3rd. We agreed to assist, and Bianca was pulled and taken to the vet on February 4th. Fortunately, with proper vet treatment, Bianca recovered quickly. Thanks to the generosity of the vet providing her services at cost and the folks at Highland raising enough funds for Bianca, Highland County Humane Society asked that RADAR’s assistance be used for another at-risk dog. To see more photos of Bianca, click here, and a video here. (February 2014)

Two days before Christmas, two-year-old Turner, a Lab-Shepherd mix, arrived at the Sampson County Animal Shelter in North Carolina. In mid-January RADAR provided an offer to assist with his heartworm treatment costs as an incentive for a rescue to take him. Then, in early February, Turner got the best belated Christmas gift ever: he was adopted! His adopters were Carmen and her mother Pamela, who had also adopted Charlie Brown (now Beau). Carmen and Pamela are RADAR supporters and discovered Turner through his posting on RADAR’s Facebook page. Carmen told us this: “We had him re-tested for heartworm and thankfully it was negative. He is doing great, and is really fitting in well.” To see more photos of Turner, click here. (February 2014)

Blackie, an adult male Chow-Sheltie mix, was one of three chained dogs who was surrendered to the Tucker County Animal Shelter in WV in October. His vetting revealed two tumors that needed to be removed. Blackie’s sponsorship was made by “Teddybones” through RADAR’s “Tucker County Dogs” sponsorship program. This sponsorship helped to cover the costs for Blackie’s vetting, surgery and neutering. Click here to see more photos of Blackie. (October 2012)

Sweet Stella arrived as a stray at the Tucker County Animal Shelter in WV. While a bit timid, this adult Boston Terrier mix gets along well with other dogs, and is eager to find a home where she can get lots of TLC. Stella was sponsored by a donation made through RADAR by Susan Linkous. This sponsorship helped to cover the costs for Stella’s vetting and spaying, which enabled her to be taken through the Rescue Waggin’ program.Click here to see more photos of Stella. (October 2012)

Cassidy’s Puppies
Cassidy was one of 3 dogs that RADAR helped in a hoarding case. The 132 dogs and 10 cats were taken to the local shelter, but time was short. Friends Fur Life Rescue wanted to pull some additional dogs before they were euthanized, but needed help with vetting. RADAR agreed to help.
At the time, there was debate about whether or not Cassidy was pregnant. Well, it turns out, she was pregnant!
We decided to include these puppies in our “Just Off the RADAR” album, because we didn’t know that Cassidy was pregnant when we committed to her. It wasn’t until after we paid for her vetting that the pregnancy was discovered. It turns out, she was pregnant! Click here for more pictures of the puppies. (August 2012)

Lizzy (formerly Cocoa)
It was love at first sight when Cecilia Deal of Wisconsin found Lizzy, a Siberian Husky, listed with one of our rescue partners in WV. The great distance led the rescue to pass on Cecilia’s application. But Cecilia was not about to let 805 miles deter her! She found that RADAR was affiliated with the rescue, got our phone number, and called us to tell her compelling story. We were able to contact the right person at the rescue to get the ball rolling. Long story short: Cecilia adopted Lizzy! Follow Lizzy on her very own blog. Click here to see more photos of Lizzy. (July 2012)

Mickey & Dickey
These two dogs were being held at the Tucker County Animal Shelter in WV for a court case. As a result, we can’t share their photos or other information. The shelter staff did say that these two dogs are sweet and charming. Meanwhile, they needed vet care. RADAR supporters Amy & Jim Riley sponsored them both. (July 2012)

Friends Fur Life Rescue in WV, one of RADAR’s partners, had Mocha, a senior Akita who was surrendered (along with Pandi) by a family moving. While the rescue had an adopter for Mocha, the adopter was in Colorado! The adopter was willing to meet Mocha in Kansas, but the cost of a paid transport to Kansas was over $1300. The rescue asked for RADAR’s assistance. Rather than use funds that could help save other dogs, we were able to network among volunteer transporters and get the costs down to a few hundred dollars that the rescue raised. Click here to see more photos of Mocha. (July 2012)

Smarty is an adult female Cattle dog at the Tucker County Animal Shelter in WV. She is a sweet girl, loves to play with other dogs, a little shy when you first meet her, and she’s laid-back and easygoing. Smarty was sponsored by RADAR supporter Jennifer Siegert.Click here to see more photos of Smarty. She was lucky enough to get a foster, and well, her foster fell in love and adopted Smarty! (May 2012)

This one-year-old cat arrived at the Tucker County Animal Shelter in WV with a leg that needed amputating. After raising less than 30% of the cost of the surgery, the shelter reached out to RADAR to see if we had any cat aficionados who might want to help. Did we ever! RADAR supporters Judith & Mark Chien donated the balance needed for Tanya’s surgery. The surgery was successful and Tanya went to Homeward Trails Animal Rescue in VA.Click here to see more photos of Tanya. (May 2012)
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