We think you’ll go gaga over LaLa, and especially after hearing her story. At least seven years old and a Pit Bull mix, LaLa was picked up as a stray on June 14th and taken to the Beaufort County Animal Control shelter in Washington, North Carolina. LaLa was in horrible condition, and heartworm positive to boot.

LaLa was found in an area where dog fighting is common. With open wounds all over her body, it appears that she was used for bait. LaLa may have also been previously used as a breeder, but with most of her teeth broken off or filed down, chances are she was now just a defenseless and old bait dog.

While the shelter immediately provided LaLa with emergency vet care, an urgent call went out for help to get LaLa the surgery she was going to need and for a rescue to take her. RADAR responded at once with a $200 offer to assist with her vet care as an incentive for a rescue to pull her. 4 Paw LifeSaver Rescue in North Carolina agreed to take LaLa!

When the rescue’s vet examined LaLa on June 18th, it was discovered that the laceration on her side actually went through her abdominal wall. The vet could feel her intestines! X-rays showed fluid building up in her abdomen. Emergency surgery took place immediately, with the vet having to reconstruct her abdominal wall. While her condition was critical through the night, she pulled through so well that she went to her new foster home the next day! Despite all of her injuries and horrific past, LaLa is a very sweet and gentle-natured girl. Click here to see more photos of LaLa.

RADAR paid $200 of the $884 vetting and surgery bill for LaLa. (The remaining $684 was provided through donations made directly to 4 Paw LifeSaver Rescue for LaLa.)

UPDATE! All funds for LaLa have been raised! Thank you!

UPDATE! LaLa’s rescue has renamed her Abreah, which means “strong” or “survivor”.

UPDATE After several weeks of great improvement, LaLa took a sudden turn for the worse on July 31st, 2013. From her rescue, “Today we had to make the awful choice to send our beloved Abreah to the Rainbow Bridge. She was rushed to the vet today after she was acting very lethargic and after some x-rays and bloodwork things were not looking good. She had a very infected uterus, and her blood levels were still too low. The only treatment for her problem was surgery, but since her proteins and blood count were so low, surgery was not an option. After consulting with the vet we did the only thing we could for her… end her suffering. I am so broken hearted, as I just saw her and she was acting fine and still her smiling, happy self. But I guess after all she has been though and all the pain she had endured throughout her life, she was able to keep on without even letting on that something was wrong. We are all very saddened by this loss, but we can find some happiness that we were able to give her lots of love and a better life than she ever had. She will be missed by many and holds a spot in all of our hearts.” Rest in peace, LaLa.

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to LaLa:

Chloe’s SOS Fund; Bettina Steenson

Added on June 24, 2013.

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