My, oh, my, what a wonderful tale for Levi! But it sure didn’t start out that way for this one-year-old Beagle-Pointer mix who ended up in the Webster County Animal Shelter in West Virginia in late June. There is no public access to the shelter, so no adoptions. Until earlier this year, no rescues were permitted to pull dogs from the shelter. Fortunately, Dustin’s Angels, a rescue in West Virginia, was able to convince the County Commissioners to change the policy. But in doing so, only Dustin’s Angels is allowed to pull dogs. Dogs are given very little time, so Dustin’s Angels has to act quickly to facilitate getting as many of these at-risk dogs out as possible if other rescues can commit to taking them.

Friends Fur Life Rescue (FFLR) in West Virginia has been trying to help Dustin’s Angels by taking some of these dogs, if they have fosters and funds available. Britney Aldridge, who generously supports RADAR through her Critter Captions, contacted us on July 3rd to see if we could assist with funding for a Hound dog she was interested in fostering for FFLR. Although we agreed, it turned out that the Hound was part of a court case and could not be released. But Dustin’s Angels had another dog who was scheduled to be euthanized at the shelter: Levi. With Britney, FFLR and RADAR all ready, willing and able, Levi lucked out!

Levi had his initial vetting and neutering done on July 10th. He was transported to Britney in Pennsylvania on July 12th. Britney had this to tell us about Levi: “No one knows how he ended up at the shelter, but one thing was very obvious: Levi had been kept tied to a chain his whole short life. He had some irritation on his neck where a collar or chain was kept too tight. It was clear he’d never been in a house before, and was undernourished. He was probably taken away from his mother and siblings when he was too young, and never learned how to interact with other dogs appropriately. But he’s quickly learning what it takes to be a ‘good dog.’ He’s a very sweet boy who absolutely loves people, and just want to be next to you and please you.”

There’s one more happy twist to Levi’s tale, but one that’s sometimes called a failure. On July 27th, Britney and her husband became failed fosters when they adopted Levi! This is how Britney describes it: “We foster failed–epically! The last thing we needed was another fur kid and we certainly weren’t in the market for a new permanent family member, but Levi squiggled his way into a hole in our family that we didn’t know was there. He seems to have chosen us and we just can’t let him down by ‘passing him down the line.’ He totally caught us off guard. I was at work and had a total breakdown over Levi; that’s when I knew he was ‘different.’ I talked to my husband and he felt the same way. We couldn’t believe how strongly Levi touched both of us. It’s like it was meant to be.” Click here to see many more photos of Levi.

RADAR paid all $323 of the initial vetting and neutering costs for Levi.

UPDATE! Levi has been adopted!!

UPDATE! All funds for Levi have been raised! Thank you!

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Levi:

Susan Mansfield; Robert Cameron; Kathy O’Connor; Britney Aldridge / Critter Captions; Ken Siegert & Rick Thompson

Added on July 29, 2014.

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