Little Lewie is an adorable mix of Corgi and Spaniel—a Corgi Spaniel! The owners of this one-year-old dog, who said he was a great dog, decided they no longer wanted him. So on May 1st they took him to the Edgecombe County Animal Shelter in Tarboro, North Carolina.

While Lewie looks like a dog who would be easily and quickly adopted or taken by a rescue, his fate hung in the balance because he has a corneal dermoid. According to PetEducation.com, this “is a growth on the cornea which consists of a mass of tissue containing fat, glandular tissues, hair follicles and hair.” A dermoid can cause “severe ocular pain” and the dermoid hairs can cause severe irritation and possible ulceration of the cornea.” The problem can be corrected, but it will require surgery. Click here for additional photos of Lewie.

Advocates of Edgecombe County Animals, a group that tries to help the dogs at their county’s shelter, got the word out about Lewie. One of our supporters suggested that they reach out to RADAR, so they posted Lewie on our Facebook page.

With the a commitment from RADAR to help pay for the costs of Lewie’s treatment, and a commitment from RADAR’s rescue partner Reach Out Rescue & Resources to take Lewie, the folks at Advocates of Edgecombe County Animals were able to pull Lewie from the shelter and provide him with a temporary foster home.

Thanks to the efforts of everyone involved, Lewie got out of the shelter just in the nick of time. The shelter is full, and Lewie was one of the next dogs to be euthanized. His temporary foster mom says Lewie gets along well with her other dogs, ignores cats, and “is one cool dude!!!”

RADAR has committed to help Lewie, and we are awaiting vet cost estimates.

UPDATE! Lewie went to the vet today (5/14/2012), so that he could get a few shots and tests, and get a referral for his eye. The great news is that Lewie is HW negative!! Hooray!! We are still working on finding him a vet for his eye surgery – stay tuned!

UPDATE! Lewie visited a vet in Wilson, NC today. Originally we thought that Lewie had an inverted lower eyelid. The vet diagnosed him with a corneal dermoid. Surgery is scheduled for first thing Thursday morning (May 17th). The cost of the surgery depends on how long it takes to remove the dermoid.

UPDATE! Lewie had the surgery on May 17th. The vet feels that the surgery was a success! While he was under anesthesia, Lewie was also neutered (a special note: the vet billing assistant made it a point to say that Lewie was very friendly and just a wonderful dog. The full cost of Lewie’s office visits and surgery is $470, of which we have raised $225. We have created a ChipIn to help raise the remaining $245. Thank you for helping Lewie!

UPDATE! RADAR has now PAID the $470 for Lewie’s surgery. Thank you for your support!

UPDATE! Lewie has been adopted! His new family is “absolutely in love with him”.

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Lewie:

Denise Rickman; Freya Hill; Elizabeth Lavoie; Mary Brown Haak; Priscilla Painter; Karen Burn; Robert Cameron; Linda Siegert

Added on May 13, 2012.

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