This Linus desperately needed the Great Pumpkin to save him! Linus, a Lab mix, was estimated to be three years old when he arrived as a stray at the Murray County Animal Shelter in Georgia on Wednesday, November 6th. Only about 5% of the dogs get out of this shelter alive. Dogs are euthanized every Friday. With Linus arriving on Wednesday, he only had until Friday for a rescue to save him.

The Great Pumpkin turned out to be Jesse’s Place Rescue in South Carolina! They were interested in taking Linus and Charlie Brown, another dog also scheduled to die. But the rescue needed financial assistance for the vetting costs for both dogs. RADAR was asked to help, and we agreed. Both dogs were safely out of the shelter on Friday, November 8th.

On November 11th, Linus had his initial vetting done. As it turns out, the shelter’s estimate of Linus being three years old was a bit on the low side. The vet thought he was approximately eight years old! We are told that Linus loves people and other dogs. To see more photos of Linus, click here.

RADAR paid all of the initial vetting costs for Linus totaling $132.

UPDATE! From Linus’ foster Mom, “Linus loves to have his neck and back rubbed…not big on belly rubs, oddly enough. He is mostly deaf. Would love to get a photo of him running…he is so animated and just leaps like a puppy!! And he wrinkles up his forehead when he is thinking.”

UPDATE! All funds for Linus have been raised! Thank you!

UPDATE! Linus has been adopted… by his foster family! His new Mom told us that “it just didn’t seem right to me to think about his leaving here when he just fits so perfectly and we all love him. He has so much love to give in return as well.”

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Linus:

Megan Sommer; Diane Faber; Miriam Needham; Bill Sacrey; Catherine Morris

Added on November 18, 2013.

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