Little Bit

We only know a little bit about Little Bit! A woman driving through a secluded area of Tucker County, WV, saw a dog running alone along the road. She was able to get the dog and take her to the Tucker County Animal Shelter.

Little Bit, a young Beagle-Hound mix, was covered in ticks and eager to eat. She gets along with everyone and relishes all the attention she’s getting from the shelter staff. The shelter manager described Little Bit this way: “She’s just an absolute doll baby!” Click here for additional photos.

In order to make Little Bit more likely to be adopted or pulled by a rescue, she needed to have her basic vetting done. While the cost is not all that much, the shelter has no money available to cover this expense. And you know what that means!

RADAR has committed to pay the $94 of vet care costs for Little Bit.

UPDATE! Little Bit had her vetting and spaying done on June 27th. She got a clean bill of health (including testing negative for heartworms), so she’s good to go!

UPDATE! Little Bit was pulled by rescue in mid-July.

UPDATE! Little Bit has been adopted!

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Thank you to the following contributors, who have given specifically to Little Bit:

Kimberly Dickey; Elizabeth Lavoie; Carol Painter

Added on June 28, 2012.

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