The shelter was no place for Mase. But that’s just where this this three-year-old Labrador Retriever mix ended up. It was on Valentine’s Day that Mase arrived at the Mercer County Animal Shelter in West Virginia. The shelter’s policy does not give the dogs much time: “This animal will be given 10 days from its intake to secure safe placement. Anytime on or after the 11th day, this animal is subject to be euthanized.” As just another black dog in a crowded kill shelter, things did not bode well for Mase.

On February 25th, the Southern WV Animal League in West Virginia contacted RADAR to see if we could assist with Mase’s vetting costs if they pulled him. We agreed. With Mase’s life on the line, the rescue pulled him on March 5th. He had some of his initial vetting done that same day, and the rest done on March 28th.

Not only was Mase able to get into a foster home, but his foster family decided to adopt him! They also covered the costs for his neutering. The rescue told us this about Mase: “He is a very good dog, and does well with other pets and children. He is curious about cats but does not try to harm them. He loves to play, and is very affectionate and intelligent. Mase is a very sweet and high energy dog, who loves people!” To see more photos of Mase, click here.

RADAR paid $68 to cover Mase’s initial vetting costs.

UPDATE! Mase has been adopted!

UPDATE! All funds for Mase have been raised! Thank you!

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